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The Best Detox Drink to Get Rid of Toxic Buildup That Leads to Weight Gain, Belly Fat and More

If the answer to some of these questions is yes, it is very likely that your body is out of balance and full of toxins. Excess weight and increased belly fat may be related to toxins that accumulate in the liver. On the other hand, the liver is responsible for two very important functions – blood detoxification and fat metabolism. If the liver is faced with too much work and excess fat that needs to be processed, people start to gain weight and notice certain health problems.

If the body is under stress and pressure, the accumulation of toxins in the body are out of the fat cells that usually results in damage to the excess cells and amount of toxins in the system that the living can not drive.

These toxins can also accumulate in the muscle, nerve tissue in the brain and in some cases in cell membranes.

According to Dr. Paula Baillie-the Hamilton the main reason why people are gaining weight is related to the operation of the control system weight or inability to cope with a greater amount of toxins that are part of the food we eat and the care and cleaning products we use skin.

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In addition, these toxins are often found in the environment and that enter our body through the skin. Dr. Hamilton’s book dedicated to the detox diet connection between toxic man-made chemicals and the global phenomenon of obesity is described. It is crucial to understand that toxins disrupt the work of the liver and liver can not burn fat effectively. The only way to eliminate toxins in a natural way is to practice detoxification. If you are able to remove all hazardous toxins from the system, stored fat will also begin to disappear. The following is the best detox drink that will help you achieve this goal.


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