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The Benefits of Lemon Water

Benefits of drinknig lemon water in the morning

occasionally I had a glass of hot lemon water in the morning for years, but usually just because it sounded good and wanted something hot, besides coffee or herbal tea .

5 Health Benefits of lemon water in the morning

in the last few weeks, I’ve seen several images and messages floating around the Internet touting the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning so we decided to investigate this habit he’d had for years intuitively.

Turns out there are real for drinking lemon water benefits, but some exaggerated ones as well.

1. It aids digestion

The greatest benefit of lemon water may be the water temperature and even lemon added. Drinking water or hot water, especially first thing in the morning can help eliminate the digestive system and rehydrate the body.

Think about this … During sleep who usually have not been drinking for at least 8 hours. Giving the body adequate water when you wake up in the morning is a great way to get your body and mind in motion.

A college friend of mine who had studied in Japan brought back this habit with her. He said that where he stayed in Japan, it was customary to drink 2-3 glasses of water first thing in the morning and when he had tasted noticeably more energy and improve digestion throughout the day.

2. A natural


The liver is very active during sleep because sleep is the body time to restore and regenerate. Drinking enough water, especially in the morning, it helps ensure that the body can perform these jobs more effectively. There is even some evidence that lemon juice can help stimulate the production of stomach acid and adequate production of bile

The benefits to your body : .. A system liver and happy


3. A small Boost Immune System

Lemons contain vitamin C … is not a lot spectacularly, but 30-50 mg per lemon. They also contain potassium.

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first lemon water drinking in the morning gives the body a chance to absorb these vitamins effectively and can provide some immune boost.

Vitamin C is also good for the adrenal glands and can potentially help reduce the effects of stress.

4. Happier skin

By helping to cleanse the body and improve digestion, lemon water can lead to clean skin. Also it contains vitamin C is needed for collagen production for a smooth and healthy skin.

5. Healthy Weight

There is evidence that water, especially water lemon drink first thing in the morning can help maintain a healthy weight. Researchers in Germany found that drinking enough increased metabolism of water:

After drinking about 17 ounces of water, metabolic rates of subjects – or the rate at which calories are burned – they increased by 30% for men and women. it will not be a miracle solution to weight loss, but with other healthy habits, you can help maintain a healthy weight.

things lemon water will not do

Drinking enough water and adding a little boost vitamin C are good ideas, but they are not magic and there is no scientific support for some of the statements made online about the benefits of lemon water:

  • balances the pH levels : There is a theory that certain foods can leave an acid or alkaline ash in the body. This is true, but this only affects the pH of urine and not the pH of the blood. Chris explains Kresser / alkaline acid myth in depth here
  • Empty toxins :. Drinking water is important to help the body naturally remove cellular debris (a process. Does naturally), but says that the lemon water has a special ability to remove “toxins” without defining what they are or how does this process are exaggerated
  • prevents cancer : Many of the same articles that claim that water alkalizes lemon claim body because of this, an alkaline environment is promoted, where cancer cells they can not succeed. . See article by Chris previous Kresser about why this theory does not make sense
  • Increases IQ: While drinking water or lemon water in the morning can help with alertness and concentration is no evidence that actually increase IQ in the long run.

baseline lemon water

is always important to support our bodies by drinking enough water, especially in the morning. lemon water will not be a miracle cure, but it could be a better alternative to caffeinated beverages, especially for those with adrenal problems.

I have found that start drinking water first thing in the morning when you’re not used to it can cause some minutes of nausea, so it might be a good idea to start slowly and not used to take this quantity. cool for taste and vitamin C. This is what I do:

benefits of lemon water

lemon water can help boost digestion and energy when consumed early in the morning.


type of recipe: Drink

Serves: 1


  • 24+ ounces of warm water (not boiling)
  • ½-1 organic lemon
  • ½ inch piece of fresh ginger root (optional)


  1. NOTE :. Zest organic lemon first and store in freezer or dehydrate to facilitate use in recipes
  2. Cut lemon in half and squeeze out half or whole lemon in the water.
  3. Peel and slice ginger root (if used) and add water.
  4. enjoy!


After drinking, swish some plain filtered water for 30 seconds to ensure that the acid lemon juice does not remain in teeth. Have you noticed any benefit? Share below!

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