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The 8 best sex positions for getting pregnant

Having sex is fun, but trying to having a baby is probably one of the most stressful moments in the life of a couple. While some are able to conceive easily, for others it is a waiting game that tests one’s patience like no other. So what can be done to make the process of “baby making” more fun and successful Here are some tips that work

Tips to help conceive:!

Although there are a number of myths about taking baby – you must have heard many of your friendly neighborhood aunt that meddlesome relative who seem know what to do between the sheets – there are some basics that are the GMP (good manufacturing practice) for making baby so here goes:

[ deep penetration: must ensure that there is maximum penetration This is because the tip of the ideal penis should be as close to the cervix as possible, to help shorten the sperm distance they have to travel. .

Let gravity do its work: ideally you should try to reduce the amount of sperm work to do to reach the egg. Try not to go against gravity, and give the pelvis a little inclination to make your trip a little easier.

Being stress-free: This is one of the most important factors in the design. Stress causes the body to release a series of hormones that are counterproductive to conception, not to mention causing your body to tighten and make more rigid vagina removing all the fun of having sex. Before you scoff at the idea, consider this – a study by the University of Oxford found that enzymes and hormones released while a woman is stressed reduces the chances of getting pregnant by up to 12%, even during her most fertile period. So relax with some deep, yoga or simply treat yourself breathing.

Have fun and orgasm : This is for men. Several scientists say it is not necessary for a woman to orgasm in order to have a baby. They are right reproduction does take its course (after all those moments ” almost pregnant when she least wanted, you know it’s true), but making your woman has an orgasm has its own benefits. To begin with, he makes her happy, opens and dilates the cervix, vagina lubricates and causes the uterus and vagina contract. All these factors together are the perfect recipe for making baby. Not to mention the fact that small contractions along the wall of the vagina and uterus help move along sperm into the uterus.

sexual positions for conception

Missionary : The most common position, sex missionary style has its advantages. In this position, the woman lies on her back, the man is on top. The fact that your pelvis is not inclined to look down helps to move the sperm closer to the cervix to help in the design and man has great leeway for better penetration. It also helps the couple feel closer, and most importantly makes women feel more connected to her man. Individuals can slip in a bit of malice in this position for the added pleasure when talking dirty or just staring into the eyes of the lady while love.Read how to properly master the missionary position

shining triangle: This position is a branch of the missionary position. Here man is at the top with the woman then with the difference that man is on all fours with her legs spread out. the female pelvis rises (you can use a pillow for added lift) and wrapped around the man. This position helps in increasing the depth of penetration and helps tilt the female pelvis upward. The best part of this position is that the man does not need to move. The woman can do all the work.

The rock and roll or anvil: Something like the missionary, this position ensures that penetrate deep, hitting her G-spot of women and help in the design, while a “swing” good time. In this position, the woman is on her back and the man is on top. Then the woman raises her legs so that they are above head and man penetrates. (Read: El Yunque: hit the G-spot with this advanced sexual position)

Doggy style: A great position – and most men will be of agree that love – doggy style is ideal for making baby. In addition to all the fun you can have with him, doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and the cervix opens just a little more than other positions. This position checks all the boxes in our sex for the checklist of conception.

The Magic Mountain: This position is like doggy style, but has the bent over woman man, so that his back is against his chest. You can make even more enjoyable through hugs sex and when you have sex. Here, the woman bends at the waist, and can be used pillows under her to stabilize your upper body. You can reduce the number of pillows to increase the curve in the woman’s waist help tip the pelvis even more. This position allows deep penetration, hit the G-spot, stimulates the clitoris and is perfect for making baby.

spooning: Another common position with great benefits. The man behind the woman as they lie down, this position ensures that sperm from reaching the cervix as the female pelvis tilts in the correct position. You can try variations of this position, where the woman’s legs spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man’s thighs. This not only adds to the salt of this position will help to contain its close. (Read: sexual positions: spooning)

Positions for the kind of adventure:

As have been together for a long time and that spark it has long since been extinguished. There is no reason for sexual intercourse and conception else that you have to check out your to-do list. These are some of the poses that could try to make things easier:

used In this position, the woman is standing literally in your hands, with legs in the air. The man stands between her legs, holding her legs with his hands – just like you would with a wheelbarrow. This position is hot in a very risque, but it certainly ensure that both have a lot of fun, while at the same. As an additional benefit that helps a G-spot stimulation and better penetration.

Butterfly: This position ensures that leave the room and try to have sex in other parts of the house (just make sure your curtains are drawn) . In this position, the woman lies on her back on a table. The man intervenes between your feet and raise your hips with your hands (you could add pillows for added lift). This position raises the ratio of lewd sexual life, ensures better penetration and helps sperm remain in the vagina. At least this position is sure to leave you with some truly amazing memories for the future.

After sex:

embrace: When finished with the act, is a good idea to be found easily and embrace. Before the men out there protesting about how they prefer not, here is the reasoning behind it. During an orgasm and after sex a woman releases a powerful hormone. Unlike men, who only release dopamine or ‘feel good hormone’, women release oxytocin or the ‘cuddle hormone’. This hormone makes a woman want to join with your partner. It also has other benefits – is responsible for streamlining their reproductive cycle, giving the biological need help to care for your baby, helps the birthing process and starts the cycle lactation or milk production as well. So when you embrace after having a good time between the sheets, which helps in the production and maintenance of oxytocin, which makes women more able to conceive. Another great reason is that simply holding him helps both bond and feel good. If all else fails it could lead to a little more fun.

Lie: Another thing women can do is lie down with their legs up in the air with his pelvis up from the bed. To make the process more efficient insemination can place a pillow under your lower back to help keep the sperm in the vagina longer and prevent it from slipping. Although there are a lot of sperm in ejaculated one, they are sufficient to impregnate a woman, remain stationary for a while after ejaculation is a good way to help the process forward.

Finally, sex should be fun, exciting and sensual. Enjoy every moment of it and see the positive pregnancy test turn the next time you try

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