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The 30 Day 6 Pack Challenge That Will Change Your Body!

Time to make training another challenge! If you want to straighten and lean your body weight and get rid of fat belly of yours, this is the right training for you!
You never have to worry if your clothes fit or not, this exercise only 10 minutes for the next 30 days. Its front, sides and back will feel stronger than ever, all because of the six different exercises that are involved in this challenge.

Each person should know your limit, so be sure not to over work performed by adjusting their skills and abilities. We got 3 sets including 6 exercises we have mentioned before. It becomes harder and harder to how we change to another set, but do not worry. No pain no gain. Just take it easy and do not forget to rest for a day because they do not want to be in pain the next day.


Read on to learn more about each of these exercises. Best of luck!

Seated Russian Twist


Sit on the floor and make sure your knees are bent and heels are at least a foot of her buttocks. Then, lean back slightly without rounding up the spine and place your hands behind your head with elbows wide dissemination.

Next, pull your navel to your spine and slowly turn to the right. Inhale, and turn back to the left, then exhale and return to center.

This is considered as a repetition.

Basic Crunch


lay down and your back and bend your knees. Keep them separated about 12 of her buttocks. Then place your hands behind your ears.

Lift your head and shoulders, while focusing on their core muscles, and raise them to the head, shoulders and back are off the floor.

Lower back to complete one repetition.

Plank lateral elbow twist


The first side plank position left elbow, while heaping feet on each other. Keep your weight on your left side with your fingers reaching away from your body.

The next thing you want to do is place your right arm behind your head, and breathe to prepare.

Now, exhale and bring your navel to your spine while engaging the abs too.
Exhale, pulling your belly button toward the spine, with the participation of the deep abdominals.

However, even so, turn right ribcage down bringing the right elbow with his left hand.

back to the starting position, and once so, you complete a repetition. Do the recommended amount of repetitions on one side and switch to the other.

Lift Superman


Lie down toward the floor and extend your arms and legs. keep your neck in a neutral position.
Raise your arms and legs toward the ceiling to form a “U” with your body, while keeping them straight.
Staying in that position for 2 to 5 seconds.
Back in the original position to complete representative.

Plank Jacks


Start in the plank position and keep your body in a straight line, with feet together and shoulders over your wrists. Now, jump with wide legs and then back together. Maintain a constant tempo and jump straight body.

just ended another representative.

top side of the curve


Stand with feet wide diffusion distance around the hips while keeping the palms overhead. Now squeeze the head with his superior to start the core while protecting the back.

Now the curve to the left side by pressing the left side of the waist while looking forward.

Pull your ribs on the right side down in order to return to a standing position upright. This work focuses on his right oblique. Now switch sides and turn right. Do all the steps and return to the initial and central position. At this point you have completed one repetition.

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