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The 3 Best Women to Marry (According to the Zodiac Signs): Everyone Kneels in Front of the Third!


Zodiac signs can tell a lot about the personality of every woman, especially for – you want to marry. This is what you need to know:

The Queen cancer

If you marry a cancer, she loves unconditionally and will be ready to go to the end of the world with you or for you. You should also know that your emotions are always intense. When you marry such women, who finally get to know what it means to have the right woman besides you. She is willing to do everything possible in order to elect its heart was the happiest man world.The Queen cancer is usually prone to dramatic experience everything in life, with your help the home theater is guaranteed . Yes, but that’s a small price to pay for living in an oasis such as “The Arabian Nights”. I was “surrounded” with the most delicious dishes and comfort in the home equipped with care. For such a woman every man would run in his arms after a hard day’s work! This is also very important that you know – children are sacred to her and she will always put their needs ahead of their own. Which means that up to you, to replace her, give her a little rest and respond to everything she does for you. And all that awaits you is embrace it and be honest.


The empress-Aries

Experts say that everyone knocks on his knees before the Empress Aries. This type of woman is strong as the black earth. It will be presented all while doing a superhuman effort to do what he has in mind, you will not notice a drop of sweat on his noble brow. Therefore, if you decide that you are worthy of this strong and courageous woman, make sure your love is burning steadily and strongly, when all others are burned. You must keep the flame going – help with their responsibilities. It will be better and better, until one day he realizes that from a frog become a prince has enjoyed respect and authority of everyone around him.

However, do not forget – she is the one you loved when he was a “nobody”, and with it that is sure to become a “somebody” – a worthy of attention, stable, strong and responsible man. She does not live in a fantasy, but remains firm on the ground and knows what to expect from anyone.

Therefore, if you (somehow) manages to attract this kind of woman, and you wonder how you managed to do that, you know you can do better than you see yourself. She already knows what kind of man you are. She will do everything possible to have the best of you. As mother is strict, but fair. winners and leaders will rise. All it requires is to show character and perseverance, and she will show you how, with an example.

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And if you marry a Leo, you should know that she is strong and abrupt. It’s a real woman and a warrior. This is a woman of incredible strength and skill, but need someone to help you out. She needs someone who is strong like her. She does not need an ordinary man. She needs superman! And he loves, but she will never have to do anything special to make your worship. Always you wonder what is the catch. And when she does something for you – do it with full force and being. You will never meet a woman who loves more than her. When angered, he angers the most beautiful form of the world. When she asks something, all your desires for you is an order. With it finally get to know what is selfless and true love is. And when it comes to children – she fights like a lioness. She will always be there and she is always ready. It will be bad for those who try to harm them, or say something ugly. We really hope you enjoyed this article and do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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