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The 11 Must-Know Benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil

essential oil agarwood, or Oodh as it is commonly called, is a nice oil with an impressive list of benefits. If you feel low or exhausted, this essential oil will revive your energy levels. Its lush aroma has a woodsy touch that invigorates your senses and stimulates the serenity and tranquility. Welcome to the world of fragrance of essential oil agarwood!

The 11 Must-Know Benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil

helps you relax and rejuvenate

Yes! Add a few drops of this oil palm of your hand and rub vigorously to release the aroma. Inhale the scent of experience complete relaxation. Everything calms the nervous system, which give a new sense of rejuvenation.

opens the crown chakra and the pineal gland

crown chakra is the brain, and is the point where the pineal gland is. The sweet aroma of this essential oil the crown chakra and activates the pineal gland opens. Therefore, it helps to calm down and trigger a heightened sense of alert. Since the pineal gland is stimulated, the essential oil can be used effectively to improve concentration and memory.

natural aphrodisiac

One of the benefits well appreciated agarwood is its aphrodisiac property. It has been used for centuries to improve the quality of sexual life. It mentioned in religious texts as a sacred solution for a better sex life. Vitalizes the internal organs, improving their libido.

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beneficial for respiratory disorders

The soothing properties of essential oil of agarwood helps calm the nervous system. Therefore, it is beneficial to people suffering from diseases of the airways such as asthma and bronchitis. It can also be used effectively to relieve congestion and pain experienced due to sinusitis.

Help in healing crisis

The essential oil

agarwood is effective for calming the nervous system, which makes it an effective solution for epileptic seizures and convulsions. Regular use of this essential oil could even reduce the frequency of such attacks.

Relieves pain

Ayurvedic practitioners suggest the use of these essential oils to relieve several painful, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. It is known to suppress kapha, thus promoting the elimination of toxins and relieve fluid retention through urine and sweat. Furthermore, it has innate analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic that make it an effective antidote for such conditions. Mix 2 drops of this essential oil with two drops of clove oil and half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage the mixture on the affected area for faster healing area.

Better sleep


essential agar wood is a wonderful relaxing as gifts better sleep, relieves fatigue and increases your mental health. In summary, it can be used as a natural tonic to increase vitality.

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For stronger digestive system

This essential oil has digestive, anti-flatulent, stomach, and carminative properties that help remove gas trapped in your digestive system.

good for oral questions

Dissolve 1 drop each of agarwood oil and peppermint oil to 250 ml of warm water and use it to gargle to relieve bad breath.

Good for skin health

oil has antioxidant properties, anti-aging and skin moisturizing properties that can be used to improve the overall health of your skin. Add 1 every single drop of this oil and lemon oil for a shiny cleaner free of imperfections and younger looking skin.

prove the essential oil of agarwood today and enjoy its benefits!

Caution :. If you are pregnant, taking medication or under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor before using essential oil

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