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The #1 “bodyfat-eating” hormone…


To begin, I apologize for the dark nature of email today.

However I promise what you find today will be completely worth it.

imagine a decaying corpse wrapped over her body from head to toe …

… smothering the tissue, which restricts blood flow, damaging the joints and infecting healthy cells.

Surprisingly, this nightmare is a reality for most

64% of women and 74% of men carry excess body fat according to National Institutes of Health.

is choking their bodies, assaulting his metabolism and sucking your energy dry.

But here’s the worst part:

For most, this body fat has become “resistant calories”:

is not affected even the strictest diets . .. and more intense exercises.

This is essentially fat zombie … “dead tissue”.

This is important for those who have 10, 25 or 50 or more pounds to lose …

And for those who are not technically overweight but have what is called “obesity pocket” …

… unsightly grease stains adhering to specific locations, such as:

just above the hips, lower abdomen, where your butt and legs … and even meet the arms, neck and face.

However, there is good news:

obesity researchers have now discovered a “metabolic cable bridge”:

body fat dead to life you are shaking.

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This allows your metabolism to burn calories and as re-energize your whole body.

First, however, this is the # 1 reason why the body becomes resistant fat calories:

lacks blood flow. This has three purposes:

  1. insufficient oxygen and nutrients to reach the fat cells, so stop responding ..
  2. released fat can not be sent to other tissues to be burned, so that the fat cells suck again …
  3. 3) metabolic hormones that carry “ burn calories ” message does not reach the fat cells …

All this means one thing:

Your body can not be converted into energy, 135,000+ of calories an average person stores as fat!

You become a zombie metabolic: NO energy to think. NO energy move. NO power to motivate.

Update: resistant body fat calories can now be removed …

The discovery of this “metabolic cable bridge” can now reverse this process:

  • non-sensitive body fat wakes with a powerful hormonal shock to burn calories ….
  • It pops open fat cells, suctioned fat, sending out a stretch before returning to …
  • were shuttles fat to your brain, heart, lungs, kidney – even his bones -. To be burned as energy

Not only those layers of “zombie fat” start coming out, but his whole body works better.

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Moreover, as the body burns more calories, these patches gradually reduce obesity pocket away.

This “metabolic link cable” is no exercise, machine or pill.

is a little known, to burn calories hormone all we have … waiting for the right to life spark.

not thyroid leptin, ghrelin insulin adiponectin, hormone HGH or any other “fat loss” may know.

PS – Studies show that not only are healthy levels of this powerful hormone calorie burning devour body fat and strengthen the smooth muscles, but can also reduce the risk of diabetes 53.7%, a heart attack by 83.3% and stroke by 51.4%.

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