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TESDA Offers FREE Online Courses For Everyone

summary of TESDA courses given:

I. Innovation Data (technology information)

1. Intel simple steps (Facebook application) (redesign)
2. Basic Operation team
3. Checking PC System
4. web Improvement I using HTML 5 and CSS 3
5. computer aided Design / CAM Operation
6. Animation (3D CT)
7. Microsoft Online Courses

II. Expansion Kit

1. Fundamentals of game creation
2. Creating 2D games with HTML5
3. Creating 2D and 3D games with Solidarity
4. Basics of programming Improvement
5. C # Basics for beginners

III. Tourism

1. Food and refreshments Service
2. Waiter / waitress amending
3. Room Service Supervisor
4. Waiting Auxiliary Services

IV. housekeeping / cleaning

1. Guest Service Chaperon
2. Valet Service
3. Public Area Specialist Services
4. Amending Laundry Service

V. Food

1. Setting sandwiches

VI. Electronic devices

1. Provision of mobile services
2. Solar Night Light-based joint

VII. Agriculture or agriculture

1. Fruit grower

VIII. Automotive

1. Diesel Engine Tune Up
2. Services car battery

IX. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

1. Bundled air unit and the cooling system Services

X. Mentors approach

1. Encourage Learning Session

XI. The approach II mentors

1. Improving educational modules

XII. Wellness, improve social Administrations and other members of the Group

XIII. Massage treatment

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1. massage treatment
2. Swedish Massage
3. Thai massage

To start your online school with TESDA, is necessary to make an email account that uses a dynamic or live and take after the instructions.

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