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Teenager mistook food allergy for rare germ cell tumour made of teeth, brain and hair

Kezia Denne, 16, from Elstead, Surrey, suffered agonizing stomach pains over his childhood but put it down to an allergy.

however, doctors reveals his stomach pains were caused by a germ cell cancer called immature teratoma, which evolved from reproductive cells, while she was in the womb.

the cancer is discovered when Kezia, then 12, developed sudden and severe pains in her stomach at school and was taken aa & e

she explained. “Just start with a sudden spike in the stomach, which I thought was quite strange, because I had been running.

“I had just a little more lessons, so do not I want to go home but gradually worsened.

“If I coughed or laughed, would be unbearable. I knew it was something serious.”

When he finished school, his father Chris, 58, rushed her to hospital accident and emergency Royal Surrey department.

was taken to the pediatric unit and the days spent in the hospital so that doctors found the exact cause of the pain.

scans revealed that Kezia had a tumor of 18cm. in her ovary

she said: “It develops in the womb and because of that, the tumor contains pieces of teeth, hair and brain.”

Kezia had another tumor in her liver and smaller cysts spread throughout his body.

had an operation to remove the left ovary, but was devastated when she was told she would need chemotherapy to try to stop the growth of other tumors in his body.

“I was young and did not understand what was chemotherapy but I knew it meant I would lose my hair,” she said. “I did not realize how sick it made you feel that way. It was horrible.

had treatment three days a week, but after four rounds, doctors told the chemotherapy was not working.

the only way to stop the growth of cancer was to remove it with an operation in the liver.

Kezia was told he would have to return for regular checkups throughout their life to make sure they do not grow.

“was very hard to see my family upset,” Kezia said.

“there was a time in the hospital they had to put a tube through the nose and my brother and sister were watching me. They were crying and it was distressing to see them so annoying. “

Finally, in 2014, Kezia was told he was in remission and was delighted to return to school Rodborough in Milford , Surrey.

She has also completed a skydive to raise money for teens Unite, a charity cancer for adolescents, and is working with cancer Research UK to campaign national fundraising stand Up to Cancer this October.

“I’m looking to the future,” she said. “Hopefully I’ll go to college after this. I have yet to go to a magnetic resonance imaging every six months and have blood tests to see if the tumors are growing. They will always be there, but so far have not worsened. “

Kezia is supporting Stand Up To Cancer, a fundraising campaign national funds set of Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to speed new cancer treatments to patients and save more lives

revealed.? Could be suffering from cancer that nobody wants to talk about

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