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Teen Found An Earthworm On The Corned Beef He Was About To Eat

Since the beginning of time, people have needed to preserve food. That’s where canned foods entered the scene. Canned foods already introduced in 1810 and were created by a British merchant. They have continued their triumphant success story ever since. Canned food is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of eating canned food and perhaps the main reason why students on a budget eat canned vegetables and fruits regularly. The price advantage of canned food is particularly evident in the rainy season when there is no way we could go out and grabbed some real food However, in recent years, many cases of pests and worms found in canned products – especially canned beef and sardines -. had been reported and became the talk of the town after revealing the unpleasant discovery media Now, another consumer of a product of corned beef in tin he became the latest victim of this incredible story. Kristian Banas posted a picture on his Facebook account showing a corned beef in a bowl and the earthworm stomach-churning besides him.
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#ATM Nung hindi ako sa mga A naniniwala canned products na kung ano my nasasama n ano ngayon But I think it’s true, …
Posted by Kristian Banas in Friday, November 6th of 2015

said the earthworm was corned beef bought at the store. Kristian said when opening the can, saw an unusual thing inside. after transferring the contents of the cup, which was when the “thing” is clearly identified to be an earthworm. surprised and disgusted, immediately took some photos and uploaded it online to become aware of their fellow consumers of the famous brand of canned meat. . The head of the company manufacturing the product have not yet published a statement (Source: TheConfidentialFiles )

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