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Take this Two Ingredient Sleep Recipe Before Going to Bed and Never Wake Up Tired Again!

is very important to have a good night sleep and sleep duration lately it is constantly shrinking. Normal sleep night should be 7-8 hours, but has now been reduced to 5-6 hours in men and women. This may seem like a small thing, but it has an important effect on the human body. In the middle of the day, your body is trying to stay awake but desperately needs time to sleep.

Most people think that if you do not sleep well, the next day will be tired and dizzy. While coffee can help at this time is not a long term solution. Take-this-Two-Ingredient-Sleep-Recipe-Before-Going-to-Bed-and-Never-Wake-Up-Tired-Again

Health and lack of sleep

poor night’s sleep is related to many health conditions and can be a cause of many diseases and infections. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 6 hours are more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

In 2011, European Heart Journal published 15 medical studies transmitted in 475,000 people, which revealed that people who have short sleep night were 48% more likely to suffer and die because of heart disease. The studies also showed that these people were 15% more likely to die of a stroke.

Furthermore, studies have shown that people who sleep longer, nine or more hours were 38% more likely to suffer or die from a heart attack and 65% more likely to suffer a stroke.

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Other research has shown that lack of sleep causes increased heart rate. During good night sleep heart rate slows down and reduces blood pressure and when enough that there is not enough time these changes in the body that occurs is not sleeping.

daily distractions

modern lifestyle also has an impact on the good night’s sleep. People today often suffer from anxiety because of work, everyday situations, family problems and other things that characterize modern life. Today different modern devices that also affect our sleep time are also used.

There are many solutions to this problem that is spreading increasingly among people. The answer, as most of times can be found in natural remedies.

Dream Solution Last

Bellow there are 2 made with ingredients that can help get a good night’s sleep. They help the body relax and prepare for the next day.

Necessary ingredients

• 5 tsp of organic raw honey

• 1 teaspoon salt pink sea Himalayan

The combination of these ingredients and put them in a glass jar. You can prepare both the mixture as needed, but the 5: 1 ratio is the best. Every night before going to bed out some of this mixture under the tongue and can sleep.

The salt and honey

Himalayan sea salt is rich in more than 80 minerals and nutrients your body needs. Honey is rich in glucose that provides our body with energy.

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The mixture of salt and honey stimulates the secretion of serotonin, which also helps the body relax and fall asleep more easily. Just try this recipe to sleep well and prepare the body for the next day.

Source: https: //stateofgoodhealth.com

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