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Take This Liver-Cleaning Nutrient Before Bed To Wake Up Invigorated And Refreshed Every Time!

A lot of people find it difficult get a good night’s sleep . Of course, there are natural substances that are beneficial for good rest and complete relaxation. Do not lead to harmful side effects that are experienced as a result of consumption of pharmaceutical drugs.

Since there are more and more scientific evidence that natural resources have great therapeutic effects for health in general and can also help in cases of sleep problems. Specifically, L-theanine is one of these natural compounds .

L-theanine is a potent compound dream of Mother Nature:

Tea leaves contain L-theanine, an amino acid. For the production of tea and Black Green, these sheets are collected and processed in various ways. However, certain types of medicinal mushrooms contain this compound.

How does the L-theanine act?

The mechanism of action of L-theanine way may be beneficial to provide relaxation they have been studied by experts. Specifically, this compound is capable of increasing Gaba Amino benzoic acid, ie GABA – an essential natural chemical aid in relaxation of the body. It can also inhibit the neurotransmitters that allow brain activity slow down and relax.

If there are enough available precursors, such as vitamin B, this natural chemical substance normally synthesized in the brain.

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What is more important, has been examined by relaxation, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety properties.

The results showed that there are some herbs that increase natural GABA, such as L-theanine, skullcap, valerian, kava and .

Although some of these natural substances are sedating and can lead to drowsiness, but the L-theanine serves as a strong calming agent, supporting mental clarity.

The healing properties of this natural substance have been tested:

Scientists conducted experiments that examine the action of L-theanine in the brain. In fact, brain waves according to EEG readings of brain waves found are less irregular and have a smoother pattern after using L-theanine. However, it is not completely flattened as occurs in a state of drowsiness. Furthermore, it results in not a relaxed drowsiness.

That’s not all, a group of volunteers was offered 200 mg of L-theanine daily by Japanese researchers. Moreover, volunteers reported a high quality sleep and wake up completely refreshed and rested.

This natural substance may be associated with the impressive relaxing effects experienced by many people after participating in a tea ceremony.

it is a fact that this substance has been patented as a modulator of mood for restoring a happy mood.

Although the exact mechanism of action of this effect has not been found, but is considered to be connected to the capacity of L-theanine to support serotonin and the production of other neurotransmitters related state of spirit.

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In addition, this substance has been studied for its positive effects on the liver when it comes to the ability to detoxify alcohol and other possible toxic agents. This effect is believed to support it is the result of L-theanine interfere with the loss of glutathione, which is necessary for the liver to act as an excellent detoxifying compound.

is recommended to take supplements of 200 mg of theanine on a daily basis.

Please note, there is no report of some serious drug interactions or herbs, although there can always be individual sensitivities side effects.

Therefore, if you are interested in a relaxed state, non-drowsy mind, consider taking a cup of tea L-theanine!

Source: theheartysoul.com

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