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Tai Chi moves for fitness and stress relief!

Tai chi ring any bells in your mind? Many of you may vaguely remember some similar words like kung fu and infer that this is a form of Chinese martial art. Let us say that you would be right and still not completely right! Tai chi is actually an ancient Chinese Secret- a secret to good health and a peaceful mind.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a form of exercise that belongs to the ancient Chinese tradition. It is practiced by a lot of people even today in the form of a graceful exercise to reduce stress and lessen the effects of health ailments. This form of Chinese exercise has very smooth movements in an elegant flow fated, who like many call “meditation in motion” because of the balance and inner peace that is encouraged.

Tai Chi moves
Some also refer to Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi. But what you can call him, his character remains the same! It is a self-paced and gentle form of exercise that focuses on stretching. Each leg slowly leads to the next position without interruption, therefore keep constantly moving to a definite rhythm. There are several styles of Tai Chi, each of which is based on a methodology and a different principle. There are also internal variations that certain postures focus on health maintenance, some others in building body strength and some focus only attribute martial arts Tai chi.

History of movements of tai chi

The history of the present form of Tai chi dates back to the five traditional schools such as: Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu and Sun. Theories and practices of these schools is believed to be formulated by a Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng in as early as the 12th century During the same time, the principles of the Confucian school of thought neo were trying to penetrate the traditions Chinese intellectuals. The way we see today was completed in the mid-1800s

Orgin Tai Chi moves
How are movements of tai chi practiced?

Gyms and health clubs offer a series based on martial arts, tai chi which is only an option programs. You can easily access various videos and reading books about techniques of doing Tai Chi, but it is always better to start the exercise under the instruction of a trained person. This also ensures that you get maximum benefits from it and learn systematically. There are numerous Tai chi classes where you can choose to learn specific methods as their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. A basic course of Tai chi lasts about 12 weeks.

A basic class of Tai chi includes proper breathing techniques, certain positions to improve your posture and gives instructions to practice this art without causing injury to himself, anyway. It has sessions especially in groups to help motivate yourself to get the correct bases. There are several types Tai Chi that focus on particular aspects, such as balance and fall prevention, and the development of resistance, etc.

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The training program tentatively includes some warm-up exercises and basic stretches, followed by simple movements of Yang style. The basic practice patterns of this style are also taught that helps you do it yourself after a few more sessions. After gaining knowledge about the fundamentals, multiple angles of the same depth and methodology are introduced in Tai Chi for beginners.

Benefits of tai chi movements

Any type of exercise is good for the body. Tai chi is not so popular and not practiced as often as aerobics, but the benefits of tai chi movements simply can not be ignored. Once you get to know how to help you, probably consider it on par with their favorite exercise routine. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Tai Chi moves:

Tai Chi moves

Balance Improvement:
There has been a lot of research done on individuals and movements of tai chi. All these studies suggest that due to the slow and systematic movements, Tai chi increases co ordination of the upper body to the lower body. There are many changing movements, with one leg in the air, which helps to improve balance and significantly reduces the frequency of fall.

Stress Relief:
The stress has increased dramatically in our lives, leading to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. The demand for healthy living through exercise is high. Tai chi is one of the physical activities that can help reduce stress significantly. Since this technique focuses on breathing techniques, physical movement and co ordination is concentrated mind, your body is activated and rejuvenated, helping to improve their quality of life. In turn, relieves stress.

Improved psychological health: When your mind is at peace, the functioning of your body is soft and helps to preserve mental health as well. It keeps you away from too much stress, conditions like insomnia or paranoia and reduces the chances of psychological disorders such as schizophrenia.

Diabetic patients are advised to constantly do some kind of physical activity. Tai chi is one of the less rigorous ways for people with diabetes to stay active. It helps maintain normal blood circulation and helps all parties to the functions without problems. Insulin production remains regulated and therefore there is less chance that increased blood sugar.

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Cancer patients are advised by doctors to keep your mind in peace as they go through radiation treatment. It is believed that tai chi movements bring all the elements in the body under control. This helps in harmonizing its operation, thus helping improve cancer patients. In many cases, the cancer cells are affected also eliminated due to the practice of tai chi moves.

Parkinsons affects body movements. It is believed that Tai chi helps maintain the balance that usually patients suffering from Parkinson’s lack. It also reduces the span of the progression of this disease.

As Tai chi involves gentle rocking movements of the body, all your muscles and joints are worked out well. Tai chi also provides lubrication necessary to make it fit “joint”.

Tai Chi for seniors:
To determine the effect of Tai Chi in the elderly a trial involving people in the age group of 22-76 was conducted . the effects of Tai Chi on cardiovascular function, flexibility and balance were recorded. These seniors were given eight weeks of proper training in tai chi.

It was observed that showed significant improvement in balance, and flexibility. This training helped many to get rid of the previous editions of joint pain. Tai chi also helps reduce the chance of strokes and seizures in the elderly.

Who should not practice Tai Chi?

Pregnant women: Although tai chi is gentle movements, there are certain movements that might not be suitable during pregnancy, especially after the third month. It is advisable that women waiting to take medical advice before doing tai chi moves.

People with osteoporosis:
In osteoporosis, there are certain restrictions on their mobility. If these movements are made in cases of severe osteoporosis, which could cause permanent damage.

Back problems:
movements of tai chi movements to do with kick-like light sometimes, where there may be spasms in the lower back. These movements are not adapted to people with back problems or spine as shaking can cause damage.

Joint problems:
Joint pain may limit movement. Tai chi and can increase the severity of joint problems. It is advisable to try some other way to strengthen and then switch to Tai chi.

Tai chi is certainly an interesting way to stay fit, physically and mentally. If you think that aerobic exercise, gyming and diet are not for you, try Tai chi. It is sure to keep you mesmerized and involved for as long as you live!

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