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Surgical Method In Laser Eye Surgery

eye ​​treatment has now reached an advanced stage. The eye doctor and researchers continue to do research and its application to patients for better healing. However, for patients who are going to make the eye disease or defect healing using a laser eye surgery you should know the intricacies necessary to detail.
Terms in making eye laser surgery
1. Experiencing refractive eye disorders, such as less (myopia), plus eye (nearsightedness or farsightedness) and silindris eye (astigmatism), and wears glasses.
2. Age over 18 years. People under 18 are not authorized to perform eye surgery, as it is still experiencing growth and development, which can alter the anatomy of the eye and can only add to the refraction of the eye.
Note that when you reach age 40, may still need glasses in order to improve eye sight after the operation. Of course, it is not necessary vessels are as before due to refractive error has been repaired.

Surgical Method In Laser Eye Surgery
3. No eye disorders related to operational processes. You’re not in the form of eye irritation continuously dry. When his eyes in dry conditions, then it can not produce enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated and healthy during laser eye surgery in progress.
4. Another Conditions of eye surgery is that they have a degenerative disease and other dangerous diseases. Kind of dangerous disease is a disease that is usually very closely with the immune system, such as diabetes, lupus, and other support system. It is a very high risk for the patient, and others.
In addition, the operating condition of the eye that is not currently in a state of pregnancy. Pregnant women are often very sensitive, and usually eye surgery can not be performed in pregnant women.

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5. During this surgery lasted, not a laser that works to improve and directly provide abrasion on the cornea of ​​the eye, of course, to be successful in surgery, eyes must have excellent corneal thickness and suitable for be applied in eye Surgery. To perform eye surgery, an eye doctor said only took about 15 minutes for both eyes.
Now, after knowing the procedures in the eyes of healing “techniques of laser eye surgery” , we can know which technique future we choose. We can refer to the decision of the selection methods and techniques with our eye doctor. They will guide and respect the patient’s decision is based on valid information. Carefully consider the plus-minus of each method and technique.

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