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Super Food Smoothie

Apple cider vinegar, super food?

apple cider vinegar has been used for a long time.

Is everything good as it looks?

Let’s take a look.

Recent health claims of Apple cider vinegar

1) secretes enzymes digestive when taken before each meal

2) acts as a natural probiotic * see note below

3) Helpers in reducing of heartburn

4) relieves sore throats

5) Improving allergies

6) weight loss Helpers

7) bleach natural teeth

8) Improves yeast

9) reduces blood sugar

10) Eliminates fleas on your pet

health remedies often seem controversial.

When I was doing research on vinegar apple cider (ACV), I found this article arthritis.org which states that the use of ACV for treating arthritis is a myth. An article I read said there has never been studies on the effects of stroke in the body so it can not claim any benefit. While many other articles I read were about people hailing its healing powers. I see how we can be so overwhelmed with health information based on the web.

There have actually been studies on apple cider vinegar in recent years.

1. Jan 2016: This study showed the benefits of apple cider vinegar application externally to ease the pain and improve the quality of life in patients with veins varicose. The authors of this study do well in explaining the effects of vinegar on the body.

“vinegar has many positive effects tested on health, such as an antibacterial effect, reducing blood pressure, an antioxidant effect a antidiabetic effect, an anti-tumor effect, the reduction and prevention of obesity, an antihypertensive and cholesterol effect, a curative effect on lesions, and a positive effect on the brain and decreased cognitive functions. ”

2. May 2015: This study found that ACV has an effect of glucose lowering in the body. The study is related to diabetes, but it is well known that there is a direct relationship between inflammation and high levels of blood sugar (glucose). If ACV helps to lower your blood sugar, then it is logical reason that apple cider vinegar can be a beneficial aid for inflammation.

apple cider vinegar, the health remedy .

In the 1950s, a man named Dr. Jarvis is hailed used as an important health resource. He wrote about it in his book, Folk Medicine . He claimed he could cure colds, ailments, arthritis and digestive problems.

When there is chronic and / or systemic inflammation in the body, you must first find the source of inflammation and is often found in the intestines. Our intestinal ecosystem is out of service when bombarded by stress, lack of sleep, antibiotics, medications and a diet rich in processed foods and sugar.

ACV has many natural healing properties as enzymes, B vitamins, folic acid, acetic acid, pectin and potassium that all promote bowel cleansing, reducing inflammation, promoting growth healthy bacteria in the intestines, and improvement of a healthy immune system.

unpasteurized, raw apple cider vinegar is made from fresh apples, organically grown crushed and allowed to ferment in deposits. This process increases its nutritional qualities, since it allows the natural bacteria that are . “Mother” is the floating matter in the bottom of the bottle and it contains live enzymes where all the healing properties are stored. I’m not disgusted, by the mother. Instead, before using ACV, make sure you shake it to distribute the mother so you can get the best benefits.

Unfortunately, in America we have been deceived into believing that unpasteurized products are better because they protect the growth of bacteria in liquids. However, the pasteurization process also removes some nutrient value and makes the food or drink much less of a health food. (That is, Pasteurized milk is more of a processed food these days that healthy food.)


How to use apple cider vinegar

If you have ever eaten a spoonful of the potion powerful known as the cider vinegar apple, you know you’ll stick.

Personally, I take a spoonful any time begin to feel a sore throat crawling and honestly my sore throat usually wanes. You may also feel nauseated and make a sour puss face, but good works. For a fun trick, you can do what I did when I offered my sick husband a spoonful without saying what it was. It has, so only do that if you want ACV spit all over your countertops.

If eaten by itself (be prepared to pucker), add it to a smoothie or hot tea, cooking with it, or bake with it remember that not all LCA are created equal. The healthiest type is, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized organic ACV like this one of Braggs .

For maximum benefits, stroke needs to be taken daily to notice any effect, most of the recommendations are to eat 1 tablespoon a day. Remember to consult your doctor before use if you are nursing, pregnant or taking certain medications, as it can cause adverse reactions.

Healing Superfoods

stroke, as any super food must be consumed with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Like most super, one and done not cure everything. Too often, we live in a “we want it now” philosophy and cry for a quick remedy as a cure.

Healing is not built on quick fixes. Healing takes time, thought, preparation, support and as Corrie Ten Boom explained, healing sometimes takes forgiveness.

Apple cider vinegar may be the missing ingredient you need. If not, continue on the path of healing, do not give up!

I created this ACV beaten tropical just for you. It becomes a great kickstart to your morning with lots of healthy fat and a good dose of prebiotics.

* side note Prebiotics help feed beneficial intestinal bacteria and probiotics are beneficial intestinal bacteria real. ACV is more of a prebiotic.

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Clean Eating ACV

When I started to get serious about the ingredients entering in my home cooked meals, I realized how often I was having to use apple cider vinegar. It was not a staple in the pantry before. I was curious why these healthy recipes include stroke. So here are some tips to get more benefits from stroke and some great recipes from around the web that include stroke in their ingredient lists. Are all clean eating recipes full of great nutrient dense foods. Give them a chance!

1. Bake


stroke in cooking enhances the flavor and improves the fermentation process as in this recipe for banana bread quick Paleo . Recipe here

2. Salad dressing


adds gut enzymes ACV friendship and better nutritional quality. Detoxinista has a delicious raw apple cider vinaigrette recipe here

3. barbecue sauce


If you like barbecue sauce based on vinegar (I) then try adding ACV as it enhances tenderness and the flavor of the sauce. Fed & Fit provides versions spicy, sweet, spicy and regular barbecue sauces and all include stroke. Get the recipe here

4. Smoothie


ACV helps provide the gut with healthy momentum and prebiotic is a great anti-inflammatory. Get my tasty smoothie recipe here .

After researching this post, I am more of a believer in apple cider vinegar as a remedy than it was before.

So here it is healing drink!

enjoyment of life,

Melanie Connell, MPT, MTC, CHC

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