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Summer is coming: Tips for travelling with kids

is the season of sunscreen and bags, time to pack everything bar the kitchen sink and take off from for some family time. Traveling with a baby usually discarded travel light. luggage your little one can really mount up, but this does not completely rule out travel -. you just need to plan ahead

Whether you’re looking forward to lounging on the beach or combustion for a break in the bustling city, at this time of year we all look forward to a family vacation. Baby experts WaterWipes have covered some travel tips for new parents.

  • undertake the great grandfather of the Tour: Nobody in the world wants to see his new baby and new grandparents. So planning a trip home, or to see other close relatives can be a great way to spend a weekend week throughout the summer, while ensuring that you will have plenty of people willing to lend a hand. Grandparents have proved more than willing babysitters, which means you may even be able to sneak a dinner or two adults.
  • Keep it simple: If you decide to venture to a vacation spot, try to keep easier for you and your child. Even for seasoned travelers this may not be the time for an international flight overnight or “roughing it” for two weeks camping. Instead, try a place reasonably near his home and finding accommodation that offer little flexibility -. For example, cooking facilities if you do not want to go out to eat at a restaurant every night
  • Stay Cool in the summer sun: As much as we like warm weather, which can be hard on the skin around the world – but especially for a new baby . WaterWipes unique chemical-free baby wipes in the world, it can be comforting to the skin of a newborn during the summer months because they contain only two ingredients: 99.9% water and a small drop fruit extract. They can also help prevent diaper rash and does not irritate sensitive skin other conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.
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Storage WaterWipes in the fridge will give you a quick refreshing wipes for you and your baby.

  • talk to other moms: experienced mummies can be a great resource when it contemplates a holiday with a new baby, so get the scoop from your friends mom what it works and what it does for their first holiday family. Diaper bag essential to bring along in the car or on a flight, the penetration of the mummies that have “been there done that” can be the difference between a successful trip and one that leaves you longing for the comforts of home.
  • Streamline Travel Gear: New babies need a lot of things – but do not need to take everything with you! Instead, focus on the items you use every day. Reducing the amount of what they bring can be another way to lighten the load, as many essential baby products, such as WaterWipes come in travel sizes, which can be easily thrown into a travel bag .
  • home away from home : whether you stay at a hotel or with grandparents, this is your “home” during their vacation, so they do feel at home. If you are using a travel cot or crib hotel, bring toys and / or favorite blanket your baby to feel comfortable in this space.
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WaterWipes are available in all major stores and pharmacies.

More information about WaterWipes
WaterWipes are the only wipes in the world that are as gentle on the skin of his baby as pure water. WaterWipes are one of the few approved by Allergy UK, and are trusted and recommended by the maternity and neonatal intensive care units throughout Australia and New Zealand. Suitable for diaper rash and other skin conditions such as sensitive eczema or psoriasis, WaterWipes not irritate the skin.

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