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Successful Safe Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of over 1000 Liver Stones (Literally)

The proper function of the liver is essential for a healthy body to function optimally. Any congestion or toxic buildup in the liver that can leave you with symptoms feel much less than the best. The accumulation of fat and toxins in the liver may be responsible for a range of symptoms that a liver cleanse can help.

A liver cleansing improves digestion and improves metabolic function. Most people, including children, have stones in the liver. Some even have allergies or rashes, while others show no symptoms.

There are many types of stones and most of them have cholesterol crystals. When excess dietary cholesterol is present, the rest often crystallizes in small masses, in the form of pebbles of different colors.

liver stones begin to form around the dead bacteria, representing the core. The stones are one reason why most of the cholesterol remains in the body leading to an increased level over time.

Stones can accumulate bacteria, parasites and viruses that then go to the liver. This creates a perfect environment for infections that increase the number of harmful bacteria in the body. abdominal infections and sores can not be cured without removing the stones first.

Do not clean the liver during pregnancy or lactation, cold or any serious illness!


  • 4 teaspoon Epsom salt, unrefined
  • 1/2 cup olive oil, cold pressed
  • 1 large or 2 small grapefruit juice

Choose days when you can rest. Do not take medicine, vitamin or mineral supplements that on the day prior to cleaning, as it will affect the whole process.

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For breakfast and lunch eat foods that contain fat, such as fruit or fruit juice. Avoid butter, milk and vegetables with salt, or chips. These foods increase the pressure in the liver bile duct, which prevents the removal of more stones (crystallized toxins in the liver).



At this point you should stop eating or drinking anything, because if you eat anything, you can feel the pain later.

salt is prepared. Combine 4 teaspoons of unrefined salt and 3 cups water. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle. Keep in refrigerator until cool enough. This step is important, as it will improve their flavor.


Drink the first quarter of cold saline solution resource


Drink the second quarter. Still you not feel hungry. Remember, you should take the dose, because it is essential for the successful treatment of cleaning.


Grapefruit juice and add half a cup of olive oil cold pressed. Put the lid and shake until smooth. Go to the bathroom before drinking the juice.


Drinking grapefruit juice and if you suffer from insomnia, take some valerian. Drink it while standing for 5 minutes. Going to bed.

The sooner you lie down, gallstones more will come out of your liver.

lie on your back and keep your head slightly elevated, preferably on a pillow. Sit still for 20 minutes.

You may feel the stones move through channels as marbles. You will not feel any pain, because salt has opened its liver channels. Now you can sleep well.

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Take the third dose the next morning. If you deal with nausea, wait before drinking the saline. Do not take your dose before 6 PM.

take the fourth dose two hours later.

After two hours you can eat. Start with a little fruit juice and eat some fruit after half an hour.

Eat regular meals after an hour. Keep your food light, and even dinner was fully recovered.

How successful was cleaning?

You may have diarrhea in the morning. Stones sometimes rising to the water surface due to cholesterol in them. And yes, you can count on them. You will achieve complete purification once about 2,000 stones removed. Repeat the treatment after 2 weeks. Do not clean when it comes to a disease or medical condition specific.

Sometimes liver channels are full of cholesterol crystals and stones not, and will appear on the surface in the toilet as a greenish substance.

liver cleansing is safe?

  • Yes, the cleaning process is safe. It was introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark, and was done in about 500 people. Many of them were older than 70. None of them felt pain or went to the hospital.
  • You may feel weak or exhausted after cleaning, but only for a day or two.
  • You got to remove the stones without surgery.
  • This cleaning method is hundreds of years, and its origin is still unknown.

. Note: not change the schedule or recipe, as it will affect the cleaning treatment, and liver is very sensitive to the details

Source: tiptophomeremedies.com

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