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Study Suggests That Maple Syrup Can Kill Cancer

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A new study recently published in Oncology reports magazine reveals that maple syrup can inhibit growth and greater invasion of human colorectal cancer cells.

The study is considered “provocation” because of the numerous studies involving processed sugars as a cause of chronic disease and other health problems.

Even more interesting is that a recent study suggests that not only sugar feeds cancer cells but can even induce that, therefore showing that sugar has oncogenic properties .

The sugar may seem like a substance-cut and dried as it is present in many products and the word “sugar” is often used universally instead of naming the actual type of sugar referred. However, sugars such as glucose, sucrose, fructose and all have very different properties.

This, coupled with the fact that food has gene-modulating capabilities and more evident that sugars, in all its diversity, can react differently in certain scenarios.

The new study of maple syrup, entitled “ Inhibitory effect of maple syrup in cell growth and cell invasion of human colorectal cancer “, was conducted by researchers Japanese using three different types of maple syrup, because even syrup is equal. Syrups were classified by color, in colorectal cell (CRC) proliferation, migration and invasion.

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The results of the studies were explained follows

CRC cells maple syrup were administered showed growth rates significantly lower than sucrose cells were administered. Furthermore, administration of maple syrup CRC cells caused inhibition of cell invasion, while there was no effect on cell migration.

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Based on these results, the researchers determined that maple syrup could act as a alternative to traditional cancer treatments that are highly toxic medicine.

These findings suggest that maple syrup, especially dark, could be suitable as herbal medicines, which have fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy for the treatment of RCC.

Since more people are turning to more natural and holistic approaches to cancer and other diseases remedies, this new finding could lead more people to explore their options when it comes to treatment. Traditional treatments have sometimes shown to increase chemoresistant subpopulation of cancer cells, which is the main factor that determines the malignancy of cancer, and can kill faster and with more pain than cancer patients own.

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