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Study Finds Pork And Human DNA In Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Americans are known for their famous hot dogs worldwide . But what the world knows more hot dogs then Americans do, it’s an interesting question. Each year about one billion packages of hot dogs sold in the US .. They are consuming even though often the public has been warned by poor quality ingredients label, chemicals and other hidden content .

This text is more about who we think veggie burgers be free of meat …

Not only meat was found in them, but there were also human DNA !

Hot Dogs

This was revealed by “USA Today”. It is a 2% hot dog samples containing human DNA and two -. Thirds of vegetarian hot dogs containing human DNA

Do not panic! Human DNA means a little dandruff, hair or skin, but not necessarily remains of someone.

No more than this. Not only was the human DNA into a problem, but 10% of vegetarians containing meat hot dogs, completely destroying the reason for its existence. Unfortunately there is no end to this as 14% of the vegetarian hot dogs was explained as “no harmful contaminants” and content that are not mentioned on the labels at all ingredients. Not to mention the sanitary conditions and circumstances that some substitutes for certain ingredients were added without wanting to vegetarian hot dogs. It was said that two-thirds of health issues be involved in the vegetarian hot dogs.

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chicken , turkey, lamb, beef and pork were found for some reason we are not able to understand, vegetarian hot dogs.
food Claro Organization conducted this investigation and recently revealed. This organization specializes in deep analysis called the “genomic technology. Actually brake components and molecular and analyze where they belong or originate from


Another company, a subset of the clear laboratories analyzed the material 345 hotdogs 75 brands sold at 10 retailers in different foods. they made a serious study and stated that pork is unwanted in any food, according to the religion of some people. This gather unwanted found in chicken sausages, meat turkey with confidence who bought and consumed. it was 3% pork.

the closing of this serious investigation is the subtlest ever! “While some of these substitutions, problems ic HYGIENE, other variations, or out of the ingredients label may be allowed by the FDA (Food and Drug), popular science that allows, as the consumer, to decide if the variance or problems meeting their personal level in their purchase decision. “I love the feeling it gives the reader

Source:. Http://www.iflscience.com
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