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Studies Point Toward Ganga Water Having Healing Properties

The Ganges river is considered a sacred river with mystical healing powers and plays a very prominent role in Hindu mythology. For example, it is believed that bathing in the Ganges river can wash away sins so that a person can attain salvation. Traditionally, it is given a little water from this river to people in their final moments of life to ensure that your soul goes to heaven. According to Hinduism, every follower must bathe in the Gaga at least once in your life. While its purifying properties have been considered by many as nothing more than a myth, scientists at IMTECH (Institute of Microbial Technology) in Chandigarh have now shown that there is a scientific reason for the “powers” of the Ganges River.


study results on the water of the Ganges

In November 2014, the resources of federal water and Ganga Ministry Rejuvenation headed by cabinet minister Uma Bharati commissioned the study to determine the properties of the water of the Ganges. Researchers collected samples before and after the monsoons of Haridwar to Varanasi stretch of river. Your next step will be to collect samples of water from the Yamuna and Narmada rivers so they can make a comparative study of water samples to get a better understanding of the unique properties of water from the Ganges. The consolidated all test results of this study report is to be submitted by the Indian government in December 2016.

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Previous studies showed that the water of this sacred river had properties antiseptic; one study showed that cholera germs thrived in distilled water but died before 3 hours in the water of the Ganges. The IMTECH study found that the water contained 20-25 bacteriophages – which is a type of virus that consumes bacteria. These bactericides virus can be used in the treatment of various bacterial infections, such as tuberculosis, typhoid, pneumonia, cholera and meningitis.

How Our River Antique Santa affect Modern Medicine

Many of these viruses has not been reported before and it could become very valuable in the fight against resistant or multidrug resistant multidrug MDR tuberculosis infections like. Business Standard reports that Dr. Shanmugam Mayilraj, the chief scientist at CSIR-Senior Institute of Microbial Technology in Chandigarh, said, “Analysis of fresh water sedimentary metagenome-viromes revealed that the holy river Ganges viromes not only new homes but also they include unexplored double stranded DNA virus “

phage therapy :. therapeutic

mild bacterial infections such as cough or cold last for only 5-7 days use of bacteriophages

but serious bacterial infections such as pneumonia or tuberculosis may last for months and can even be fatal. When contact bacteriophages specific harmful bacteria that infect bacteria and kill them. This means that if a person has a bacterial infection, a specific type of bacteriophage can be introduced into the system;

Scientists hope to use phage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics because these drugs can wreak havoc on the immune system of an individual and leave them vulnerable to secondary infections. Moreover, after a certain period, infectious bacteria become immune to antibiotics and thus these drugs are no longer effective in treating the infection. Phage therapy has none of these drawbacks and so bacteriophages found in the Ganges could help treat or even eradicate a variety of serious bacterial infections in the near future

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September 27, 2016

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