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Struggle with sleepless nights? Eat breakfast and drink water, says expert on This Morning

The expert joined this morning hosts Ruth and Eamonn to give advice to viewers who struggle every night to get the rest they need.

Ruth, who admitted he never had a problem falling asleep at night, questioned what people can do to get your head down.

She said, “… I love my sleep I can not imagine not getting the sleep Millions of Britons are struggling to get a good night’s sleep”

Ramlakhan said Dr. struggles of some people to get to sleep are ‘deep’.

“So many people go to bed at night and are exhausted, but the brain is just going a hundred miles an hour.

” Eat breakfast in the morning, do not fill your body with stimulants and be sure to moisturize.

“Hydration helps the brain work better. Dismissing technology.”

The hosts questioned how long people should be ‘technology’ before going to bed.

Dr. Ramlakhan advised people should leave their phones or tablets about an hour before going to bed and put them in another room.

Ruth and Eamonn also spoke to Kirsty Burdett, who said struggling to sleep because of the constant night terrors.

Kirsty, who has been receiving therapy for the problem, said: “It’s something I’ve suffered my whole life but got much worse with night terrors am acting in what is happening in my dream…

“Normally, within thirty minutes to an hour would be running around screaming and at its worst I drop into the deepest sleep and then back up again.

“I was so tired every day. Just not having the motivation and energy to do anything.”

Dr. Ramlakhan said some people are particularly sensitive to night terrors, but he said making relatively small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference.

Lynn, who is fifty years old, spoke with Dr. Ramlakhan about his difficulty sleeping.

She said:

Nerina said “I have one on the brain activates as soon as I go to sleep on I analyze everything.” “His dream has been interrupted by a series for years. it will take a while for things to really take effect. ”

Lynn tried out some sleep technology that alters the light levels in your room and helps people wake up “more energy”, but said he didn ‘t help after use.

Eamonn asked him how he got along well with the team.

“Not great, I’m afraid,” Lynn said. “I wandered around. I do not know if I was a little nervous about doing this, I do not know. I got last night. I was still wide awake after that. I did not get to test the alarm call because I was awake.

mother of four Debbie also told the hosts that she has suffered from insomnia for fifteen years.

Dr. Ramlakhan said both women are “very active brains ‘and are’ constantly thinking”.

this comes after Dr. Chris Steele warned against streptococcus B infection threatening this morning of .

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