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Strict parenting turns children into liars, experts claim

RESEARCHER: Canadian psychologist Victoria Talwar

a study that followed a group of people born in the 1940s to the present has concluded that parents who exercise too much control over their children might be causing psychological damage lifelong Rex Features

strict parenting can turn children into liars followers because they do not feel safe telling the truth, experts have said.

psychotherapist Philippa Perry said a child should not be the only guilty of lying, but that parenting style could have a big impact on your ability and willingness to fib.

A study by the Canadian psychologist Victoria Talwar, using the “Peeping game,” reinforced the claims.

Examination of two schools in West Africa, one with higher standards and the other with a more relaxed approach, the researchers asked the children to guess what object was making a noise in the game.

The test asks children to identify objects by sound alone, with the latter having no correlation with what appears.

The researcher then leaves the room and the question back to the child what is the object, and if they peeked.

Dr. Talwar found that the number of students from the school relaxed lied and said the truth was more or less on par with studies from other schools.

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But the strict school rushed to lie, and did “very effective”.

Author of Born Liars – Why can not live without guile, Ian Leslie, he said that by cracking down hard on the lie of the school, a “machine” was created to produce highly effective deceivers .

She said. “If a child is to muddle then lie not all because the child is a situation of co-created the atmosphere was produced by which the child you feel safe telling the truth. So you can not condemn the child for lying.

“we do our children no favors at all when the chase for lying. We can be curious about the lie we can be interested in it and look at our part in it. But be draconian and rigid about it will not make the situation better. “

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