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Stretch marks: how they are obtained and how to get rid of them

Pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks. (Photo: Pixabay)

You are reading this because you are probably tired of seeing those stretch marks on your body. Yes, we have all heard the adage of "the woman who has earned her sores", but let's face it: you don't like them. We are also tired of stretch marks, so we are going to share with you three excellent ways to get rid of them.

But first, what causes stretch marks?

These white stripes are actually scars that form in the middle layer of the skin. They are commonly found in various parts of the body, such as the back, thighs, breasts and the abdominal area, although they can also be formed in other parts of the body.

Stretch marks can be caused by several reasons, such as changes in your weight, pregnancy or even puberty! Everyone has a common factor: extreme skin tightening. If you go through large amounts of stretching in a short period of time, the skin suffers tears that then become stretch marks.

Let's get him out of the way: it is absolutely NORMAL to have stretch marks.

But it is also perfectly normal to feel a little insecure about them. We also feel the same, sometimes.

How do I make stretch marks disappear?

While there is still no sure way to completely eliminate stretch marks, the good news is that they eventually fade away as your body heals them naturally over time. The bad news is that in their own stretch marks they don't fade enough to be invisible.

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However, there are some ways to help speed up the process and make these stretch marks much less visible.

1. Exfoliation

This method removes the dry layers of skin cells, allowing newer tissues to take their place, rejuvenating the skin and helping to accelerate the healing of stretch marks. Several home remedies can be found online, so try experimenting and see which one works best for you. This may take much longer than the other two methods, but with the correct exfoliation method and a little patience, you will see much less of those annoying stretch marks.

2. Microneedling

The microneedles go directly to the dermis, where the scar tissues of the stretch marks are found. By using several needles to prick deep enough into the skin's dermis, this method can trigger the production of collagen to make your skin more elastic and help heal stretch marks.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with a professional dermatologist to ensure minimal pain and effective performance. To get the best results, at least three sessions would be needed, although this may vary.

Each session would cost between $ 100 and $ 500, depending on the area of ​​application, therefore, expect to spend between $ 300 and $ 1500 just for the initial treatment. You will also need several maintenance sessions to keep your skin in that condition in the long term.

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3. Silicone scar gel

Our preferred method, the gel for silicone scars, works because it hydrates the skin effectively to soften, soften and flatten stretch marks, normalizing them over time. The application is simple: rub a small amount on the stretch marks and let it dry.

Our personal favorite is Aroamas scar gel. meespecially if you have sensitive skin, its natural and soft feeling helps a lot to feel comfortable. Since it is practically invisible and odorless after drying, you probably forget that it is even there.

Aroamas Scar Gel is available here on Amazon for just over $ 30, which lasts about 2-4 months per tube.

There you have them: three great and easy ways to get rid of even the most rebellious stretch marks. Try any of these methods, and soon you will be able to wear that knee-length dress or that worry-free sleeveless blouse!

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