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Story of a Woman Who Sacrificed Everything for Him But This is What She Gets in Return!

When is sacrificing too much in your relationship? Being a martyr is supposed to show the kind of pure and selfless love that can take the good side, even in the most damaged and embittered people. In fact, many people include sacrificing the very definition of what it really means to love another person and, in fact, research has shown that couples are happier and more likely to stay in relationships if partners are willing to sacrifice for others. Even though the sacrifice may be inevitable when the time comes to do so, it is not always easy. I often find myself weighing my need to be true to myself why should be the one to give up what I want? against my desire to be a good partner and do what it takes to make my relationship work, if this is important to him, which should be supportive. Watch this heartbreaking story of a woman who does everything for her boyfriend, but she is taken for granted and this is what happened to her. The story goes when a man constantly hurt his girlfriend, both physically and emotionally. Even he flirts with other girls that makes it very inconsiderate. The girl had enough of it and decided to have fun in a bar after being beaten by her boyfriend. But then his man came to pick it up and went home together. She thought that all is well after that scene, but left without informing her at the moment he woke up. not miss anything from history, I was puzzled as after this. The right kind of sacrifice can unite people, but sacrificing for the wrong reasons can be worse than no sacrifice in all.
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This is a short story of love and SACRIFICE.Please watch ….
Posted by Tambayan or Berto on Thursday, 25 June 2015

(credit: Tambayan or Berto )

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