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Stop the Pain Immediately by Pressing the Fingers-Each Finger is Linked with 2 Organs

This is an old type of Japanese method to relieve pain, called gene son jitsu, which can help adjust their feelings, to fortify the approaches to the hands.This type of medicine is an alternative view of the fingers. the energy of your body adjusts and gives the living being mental and physical wellbeing.

Stop Pain by Pressing Fingers Japanese Method

The rule of the work is that each finger joined with a certain feeling and certain organ. Take your finger with the other hand and hold it for 3-5 seconds, and consequences of an organ will feel. While rehearsing this technique you should take full breaths. If you need to get a perfect harmony in the body that must amass all fingers independently.

finger 1.Great

spleen and stomach organs-

emotions-depression and anxiety

problems skin-physical symptoms, neurosis, headaches and abdominal pain

2.Index finger

organs- bladder and kidney

emotions disappointment, fear and confusion

physical symptoms-muscle aches, toothache, back pain and indigestion

3. middle finger

organs- gallbladder and liver

anger emotions, irritability and indecision

physical symptoms-vision problem, menstrual cramps, migraines, fatigue, blood circulation problems and frontal headaches.

4. ring finger

organs- colon and lungs

emotions sadness, fear of rejection, negativity and feeling unfortunate

-physical symptoms asthma, respiratory problems, skin diseases and digestive problems.

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5. Meñique

little thin bodies and heart

emotions anxiety, nervousness, worry and lack of self-esteem

physical pain symptoms-throat, heart disease, joint and bone problems and bloating.

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