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Stop Placing Toilet Paper In Public Toilets! Read Why

Many people around the world suffer from phobias of public toilets and nausea feel if something is wrong in the bathrooms . This is because there are places in the bathrooms are in terrible condition filled with bacteria and diseases. You never know what to expect when you go to a public bath, you can see broken doors, broken toilet seats, dirt on the tiles or toilet itself. However, when you feel the need to go, not much choice left.

In such cases, most people tend to put pieces of hygienic or toilet paper cover. You need to stop this right now. They think a simple toilet lid can keep them safe, but this is not true because the bacterium is already there when flush. Moreover, bacteria are already on the walls, door handle, tiles, paper dispenser and toilet paper itself.

Unfortunately, the fabric is as empty for bacteria. It is filtered on paper and unfortunately, use it on the genitals or the face! Therfore they are attacked by bacteria anyway.

worth mentioning that srufaces public toilets have tons of bacteria on the hand dryers and also sinks. The Journal of Applied Microbiology published a study claiming that not only flush, but electric dryers also have bacteria and germs.

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These dryers are all about air and air flow, so to dry your hands, bacteria and germs fly in the air as well. As a result, this goes airspace and for you too. Eventhough the dryer air is clean, his hands are not yet. Moreover, we are restless and can not wait until our hands drying out very well, so we walked with wet hands almost still have germs. It is a fact that it is cheaper to use hand dryer, but is much healthier than using a paper machine for hands.

As you can see, you should never put a barrier of toilet paper on the seat, because you are not safe at all. On the other hand, always close the toilet for cleaning, disinfecting and have its own tissues. This prevents bacteria more.

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