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Stop Eating This Fish ASAP! Read About The Disgusting Reasons Why!!!

There are many indications that this fish is in very poor condition and disadvantages farm-raised in China, but remains one of the more fish It consumed in the United States.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that this fish is cheap and can be bought without skin and bones. Another reason is that it is very tasty.

We’re talking about tilapia fish, and the problem with that refers to its origin. Most of this type of fish in the market is not wild, but comes from fish farms instead. farm-raised tilapia is served in restaurants as well. Every day, thousands of fish are harvested.

Do you know what is the difference between wild and farm-raised tilapia is? wild tilapia feeds on plants and algae and harvested tilapia feeds pellets of soybean and genetically modified maize. wild tilapia contains a lot of healthy fish oil, while farmed tilapia does not. Here’s why farmed tilapia is bad and unhealthy.


tilapia harvested can cause inflammation. In addition, you can make an existing process inflammation (such as arthritis, heart disease, and asthma) even worse. One can not get the beneficial omega-3, fatty acids useful against heart disease from this type of fish. We can even say that tilapia is often the main cause of inflammation, which makes it even worse than bacon or burgers.

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pollutants that cause cancer

Farm-raised tilapia is much more exposed to different toxins that cause cancer than wild tilapia, even ten times. Did you know that farmed tilapia fed chicken poop among other things? When it comes to fish food processing, including duck and pig waste is used.

The highest pesticides and antibiotics

farmed fish is full of pesticides and antibiotics. The reason behind this is that these fish are raised in the crowds, which makes them more susceptible to various diseases. This is why people who raise them give them antibiotics to keep them healthy. They also use pesticides to combat sea lice, but they should know that these pesticides are so harmful that even kill a wild salmon. When the release of these substances into the sea, but also negatively affect the entire marine fauna and flora.

Low omega-3 and omega-6 ratios

harvested tilapia has much lower nutrient content compared with the wild tilapia. For example, omega-3 fatty acids harvested tilapia are not as useful as omega-3 fatty acids in wild tilapia. wild tilapia is also much higher in protein. The fact that the harvested tilapia are raised in large pools and fed on processed foods tells us it is much more fat and contains fatty acids much more omega-6. If one uses omega-6 fatty acids in large amounts, it can be obtained inflammation, as these fatty acids contribute significantly to the same way.

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high concentrations of dioxins

Furthermore, farmed tilapia is higher dioxin, even eleven times, that wild tilapia. These substances are toxic and can even lead to cancer development. What is even worse is that if you have dioxin in their body, they would need quite a long time to remove it, which is about seven to eleven years. Taking into consideration all these facts and the fact that the farm-raised tilapia harmful is it is highly recommended to avoid this desire and replace it with wild tilapia or other, healthier fish.

The stop eating this fish as soon as possible! Read about the reasons why Disgusting !!! first he appeared in Nature Health and Beauty .

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