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Stink bugs that creep into Georgia homes: how to get rid of them

GEORGIA – Smelly insects are crawling in homes across Georgia right now. The smelly brigade of smelly brown insects is eager to set up a camp before winter.

Insects, which emit an unpleasant smell as a defense mechanism against predators, can be found throughout the country, even here in Georgia.

Despite having piercing and sucking mouthparts, small shields about half an inch long and wide, which curiously get between the legs when they are not drilling and sucking the juice of the plants, they cannot bite you. They can't bite you and they won't reproduce.

They tend to attack seeds, nuts and fruits, including peaches, apples, tomatoes, green peppers, soybeans and nuts. Some stinky insect species are predators, but they eat other insects.

But P.U., do stinky insects smell bad if you crush them? Hence its name. Then do not do that.

That doesn't mean I have to live with the nasty little bugs. We have some advice on what to do if stinky insects have hidden in your home. One important thing you should know about stink bugs as you move for winter: they are more than a bad smell. They can be quite destructive in other ways.

Scientists have fought a total war against stinky insects, with good reason. What they can do with those piercing and sucking mouthparts from an apple, peach or pear orchard is not pretty and can eliminate the entire crop from a grower.

Stink bugs have been found in 44 states in the 20 years since the insect, originally from East Asia, was first detected in the United States, according to a USDA-funded Stop the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug attack force that It includes more than 50 researchers working in 18 universities with land grants throughout the country.

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Stinky insects like to feast on their orchards, farmers' soybean crops and black lobster, maple, ash and catalpa. They also like cherries and raspberries.

In Georgia, Stop the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug surveillance shows that it causes annoying and agricultural problems.

Your best defense against stinky insects is to arm yourself with weatherstripping, caulking and duct tape and make your home a fortress. Seal the gaps and cracks around the foundation and any area where doors, windows, fireplaces and utility pipes are cut outwards. Any opening large enough for a stinky insect to crawl must be sealed.

A group of researchers from the Virginia University of Technology conducted a study that found that all it takes is a container with water and a light to attract insects to their destination.

The necessary supplies:

A large pan (one of aluminum foil if you want to throw it away, because honestly, who wants to reuse a pan that has floating errors?)
Water and soap
A light to attract insects.

The trap eliminated 14 times more bed bugs than store-bought traps that cost up to $ 50, according to the study. The homemade model is relatively cheap (roasting pan, soap dish, light) and the owners can already have the components.

By the way, the ability of a stinky insect to emit a smell through the holes in its abdomen is a defense mechanism, designed to prevent birds and lizards from eating it. Simply handling the error, damaging it or attempting to move it can trigger a release of smell.

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The best thing you can do if you find them inside is to gently sweep them into a bucket and then fill it with a couple of inches of soapy water. You could vacuum them, but maybe as a last resort because it will cause the notorious smell of bed bugs and make your vacuum smell bad.

Companies like Rest Easy Pest Control recommend a special vacuum cleaner for bed bugs, a cheap handheld model that is only used for that task. The bag should be thrown in a thick and disposable garbage bag and taken away from the house.

The poison can quickly kill stinky insects, but that will also trigger their stench. Professional extermination is another option.

Or, if you can stand the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in community with them inside your home, you could leave them alone and expect no one to scare them and stir up a stinking fuss. They do not nest or lay eggs. They do not feed on anything or anyone in their home. They are only there, taking off a load for a few months, resting.

When spring comes, they will crawl again just in time to eat a bite out of their garden and start the war against the smelly insects again.

Written by Beth Dalbey of the national Patch staff.

Source: https://patch.com/georgia/woodstock/stink-bugs-crawling-georgia-homes-how-get-rid-them

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