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Stevia: A Healthy Natural Alternative to Sugar

India will soon become the diabetic capital of the world. With the number of diabetics increasing day after day, about the search for natural alternative to sugar it is increasing.

such Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar. It is a natural sweetener with no calories and is slowly gaining a huge market worldwide. It is a natural sweetener that has taken the world by surprise by replacing existing artificial sweeteners on the market.

To learn why one should opt for Stevia on artificial sweeteners, LifeView interacted with dietitian based in London Dr. Sowmya Bharani, PhD (UK), RD (UK).

Speaking to LifeView Dr. Sowmya Bharani said “non-nutritive sugars such as Stevia are not metabolized in the body and is generally considered safe for They use. they can reduce obesity and diabetes because they contain no calories. ”

Especially in a country like India, where sugar consumption is high and the number of festivals often replacing sugar with stevia in moderation helps reduce calories while retaining the taste, he said.

Some studies have also shown that no visa vie use of nutritious sugar sugar consumption has reduced the risk of seizures. However, in all cases the amount of non-nutritive sugar consumption should be in moderation, Dr. Sowmya Bharani who is also the CEO of the London-based NutriGENEus one consulting firm specializing in DNA diet diets based.

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Interacting with LifeView, Nikhil Rajpal of Zero enthalpy Labs Pvt Labs manufacturing stevia sweeteners marked Zevia said “Stevia is completely safe to use by diabetics, obese people aware and health. stevia sweeteners are readily available on the market and the cost is within reach of an average Indian, which is a product of the house. ”

Since Stevia is derived from natural plant extracts, there is no health damage properties associated with it, unlike artificial sweeteners, which studies by medical journals around the world they have found side effects alarming in the long run, he says.

The speed at which the market of Stevia is growing and how different brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Danone, etc. are reducing the consumption of sugar in their products using Stevia, time it is not far when Stevia will become a household product completely replace artificial sweeteners and sugar Nikhil added.

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