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Sprouted Garlic – It Kills 14 Kinds Of Cancers

Usually, the old sprouted garlic with light green tendrils that is considered as a commodity expired and often ends up in the trash. However, recent research has shown just the opposite!

Most vegetables like potatoes, for example, become toxic due to chemicals that are released, but this is not the case with the sprouted garlic. In fact, recent studies show that sprouted garlic, still has higher antioxidant properties of the ordinary. The investigations confirmed that when the garlic turns green, then created more compounds for the protection of the young plant.

One of the researchers, Dr. John-Sang Kim, the Korea Institute of planning and technology assessment explains that herbs are very sensitive receiving the attack of bacteria , viruses and insects during germination. Its capacity is to produce chemicals called phytoalexin decay, which is the main defense of the plant. Most of these compounds are toxic to microorganisms and insects, but are beneficial to human health.

The scientists found that the process is similar to that in which the green shoots grow garlic. Actually these outbreaks that arose within 5 days have the highest antioxidant compound.

The researchers concluded that germination can be method that increases the antioxidant potential of garlic.

Why sprouted garlic is better than ordinary?

  • improves the immune system
  • provides cardiovascular protection
  • has the ability to kill 14 cancers
  • effectively prevents bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, without toxic effects.

Therefore, next time consider why you should not pull the sprouted garlic.

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