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Spray This Simple Mixture And You Will Never See Weeds In Your Garden Again!

Weeds are the most common customers, unwanted, and uninvited in the garden or on the patio, stealing nutrients and location of plants.

However, not all weeds that you regard as a major problem, as they usually are easily removed using the spray Roundup Monsanto, which is the most popular herbicide in the world

However, only a few are aware of the serious consequences of their use. Even this minimal lead spray food kidney and liver damage.

also it arises largely the risk of cancer, and is a known endocrine disruptor. To clarify this, even in the smallest amounts of this herbicide on your clothes or food causes damage to DNA issues and serious health.

Unfortunately, although this has been confirmed by numerous studies, this herbicide remains the best-selling herbicide worldwide. However, you need to take care of your own health. Avoid this spray and try some natural alternatives instead.

we will reveal a homemade weed-exterminator incredibly effective, safe and completely natural! What’s best of all, it is also very easy to do!

is required:

  • 1 gallon of white vinegar
  • spray bottle


Pour white vinegar into the spray bottle and spray directly onto the weeds, but away from the plants and grass, you want to keep.

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For more aggressive weeds bad, you can also try the following modified alternative:


  • 1 gallon of white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup non-toxic soap
  • 2 cups of Epsom salts
  • spray bottle

should add all the ingredients in the bottle, shake a little, and spray on weeds. After using these natural aerosols, which no longer have weed problems in the yard! Therefore, do not hesitate to try them!

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/

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