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Sounds Strange but it is Healthy, Start Your Day With an Orgasm!

Sounds Strange but it is Healthy, Start Your Day With an Orgasm!

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Sex in the last few hours is good for sleeping, but do not wait until midnight to start the fire between the sheets. Instead, you can start your morning with an orgasm and see how your day can be more beautiful.

The day is known in the morning

One study has shown that those who prefer sex in the morning feeling much better throughout the day. In sex, the hormone oxytocin which increases the feeling of love and connection is released. Emily Moors, a sexologist, says. “It will connect with your partner and will last connection throughout the day, which is very nice and important for a”

is I feel tired at night?

happened to you to lose sex at night, because it was not in the mood and you were tired? Marriage can be a little intense and sex is off the list because of the responsibilities and grouchy. Therefore, you should prefer sex in the morning in order to avoid the bad effect of his “life between the sheets”.

Sex in the morning is good for your health!

Sex in the morning, when it is expected that at least is the best way to start the day with a smile. While in the shower, invite partner and do the “thing” quickly. While he is making coffee, her surprise. The best position in these situations is when he is back and she is in front, a little bent. Doctors say that sex in the morning is good for our health and enhances immunity. And there is nothing as important as the immune system during the winter season complete with the flu and viruses that constantly attack us.

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Men can “keep the fire ‘more in the morning!

If you ever wondered which one is right for sex, which give the right answer time. men have the highest level of testosterone in the morning, which means they are ready to do their “job” and that can make it longer Arlen Goldman, a sex psychologist says. “men have higher attendance of testosterone in the morning and thus have much more energy for sex . That power gives them power to ‘do’ longer. “Ultimately, this is what we all want, right

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