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Sore Throat Treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar

In the winter season, sore throat may be a first sign of a cold. Sore throats are often caused by a viral infection. So what causes the sore throat and how we can treat it at home is the question we will answer here. As I described earlier that the sore throat is caused by viral infection. And viral diseases such as allergies, air pollution, dry air, common cold, flu, chicken pox and measles can cause sore throats. As these are viral so it will not respond to any antibiotic sore throat.

Even if people do not take seriously and did not go to doctor for treatment, it is very painful and hurt a good night’s sleep. Sore throat can be very painful and irritating. There are many home remedies to cure sore throats. Here we will say that how you can use apple cider vinegar to cure sore throats at home.

treatment of Sore throat with apple cider vinegar

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