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Sleep Management: How much Sleep do you Need?

– You can live longer ;?? as a study of 2010 women 50 years of 79points that more deaths occurred in women who slept less than five hours or hours over six and a half sleep per night.

• You can reach your best creative to get a good night sleep because their emotional and components are strengthened.

• it could improve their grades if you sleep well, and therefore remember that evening studies never work. Less sleep could lead to functional impairment at school.

• Each diet and exercise will fail if you do not get a good sleep, so sleep will help you lose weight.

• Stress is a major concern for cardiovascular disease, and sleep can make you stress free and let you feel well.

Remember that for all the good things that your body gives you, you owe your body a good night’s sleep. Never wake up before six hours of sleep, keep it within six to nine.

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