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Skin Care After 40 – 16 Home Remedies

skin care after 40s

We recently covered skin care after 30 home remedies Here . Today, we’ll cover better care regimen skin 40 years. In the 40s, the skin begins to show the first signs of aging as wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. In addition, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Therefore, the best ‘skin care after 40 at home “regime should include a combination of a balanced diet along with products and treatments care appropriate skin. Let’s discuss some tips for care skin after 40

1. Avoid sun exposure

excessive sun exposure is a strict NO in all ages and especially in the forties, when cell renewal slows down considerably. So be sure to avoid the sun at all costs. Use a scarf or a hat with a wide brim to cover up. Seek shade whenever possible and avoid going out at peak sun hours between 10 am 4 pm. Use based moisturizer SPF to protect against UVA and UVB rays damage.

2. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Both nicotine and alcohol cause dehydration in nature and lead to swollen, dry and dehydrated skin. So smokers should quit before 40 years. If you plan on partying, try alternating every glass of alcohol with a full glass of water (8 ounces) to maintain levels of diluted alcohol.

3. Exercise regularly

his regime skin care after 40 years should include exercise. Exercise helps keep stress levels low and we all know how bad stress is for the skin. Daily in the form of brisk walking, cycling, gymnastics, dance, etc keeps you slim exercise and will also give you a great glow to the skin.

4. Get adequate rest

This is the easiest thing you can do for your skin to age 40. Get enough rest and avoiding 8-9 hours at night as far as possible. When you are well rested, your body can stimulate the process of skin renewal for a youthful glow you want is achieved.

5. The role of antioxidants in the diet

Antioxidants fight free radicals in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. So eat lots of fruits, nuts and seeds. Blueberries, melons, cucumbers, etc. are some super foods that can give you a healthier skin.

6. Topical antioxidants

search products skin care with antioxidants such as green tea, berry extracts, vitamin C and vitamin A derivatives as retinol. These combat skin damage and wrinkles stay away for long. sera skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C can lighten and brighten dull skin tone. So look for products with these ingredients.

7. Use care regimen skin to CCTM 40

CTM is synonymous with clean tone and moisturize while CCTM means Compressing Cleaning-Tone-hydrate. Compression helps remove dirt and makeup for other products for skin care become more efficient.

  • To compress, take a large basin of water. Use cold water, if you have dry, hot skin to warm water if you have oily or combination skin. Soak a clean cloth in water and wring out excess. Press the cloth on the face. Again, soak the cloth in the tub of water. Squeeze. Click on the face. Repeat. Do this for 10 packs.
  • Then clean with a cleanser does not irritate the skin. For skin-friendly, we refer to a product depending on your skin type. Use a cleanser without alcohol if you have sensitive skin. For oily skin, acne-prone skin, use a gentle cleanser with alcohol. For dry skin, use cleansing milk. Use circular / round when cleaning movements. Rinse with cold water. Never use hot water to wash your face.
  • Follow with a toner. Use a cotton swab to tone the face and neck not forget. Select toners based on skin type. For example, toners with witch hazel extracts are beneficial for acne-prone skin or riddled with imperfections.
  • Once the toner has dried, apply a moisturizer. Use moisturizers based SPF during the day and night moisturizing cream at night. Make sure that the product is skin friendly ingredients. night creams should contain antioxidants and moisturizing agents. Retinol is one such ingredient that fights wrinkles while you sleep.
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8. Steam inhalation

Do steam inhalation of part of his regime skin care after 40 years is the best thing you can do for your skin . The use of a vaporizer, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for 8-10 minutes once a week. People with acne prone skin should use steam at least twice a week. Steaming opens the pores and helps eliminate blackheads easily. You can use steam in conjugation with masks masks for cash.

9. Exfoliate with alpha hydroxy


Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin and encourages the lower layers of the skin to reach the top and reveal younger looking skin. Look scrub and scrub with green papaya and alpha-hydroxy acids (malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, etc.) which are beneficial for all skin types and especially for sun burnt skin.

10. Aromatherapy with essential oils

aromatherapy Adding your usual skin care after 40 years can help balance, stimulate and soothe the skin. You can do a self-massage with essential oils such as rose, lavender or chamomile facial. Tea tree oil is beneficial for acne and pimples. rose oil is ideal to reduce swelling. You can also add these oils to the steaming water while inhaling water vapor once a week. Remember that most oils are very concentrated, so do a skin test for allergies and to dilute oils with carrier oils such as almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil, etc.

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11. Face masks

Use a mask based on your skin type once a week or once every 15 days. Containing clay masks are beneficial for oily skin, while cream-based masks are beneficial for dry skin, sensitive, normal or damaged by the sun. You can also make your own DIY homemade masks .

12. Use eye creams

Under eye creams are essential to prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes. In the 40s, the skin under the eyes begins to carry out and loses its elasticity. Using an eye cream can help replenish moisture and protect skin against wrinkles. Always pat the cream instead of rubbing. Avoid eye creams that contain fragrances and dyes. You should also use home remedies like slices of cucumber and potato slices or tea bags to remove swelling and prevent dark circles.

facial spray 13.

facial mists are moisturizing products to be used in certain environments such as airplanes, etc. Air-conditioned rooms facial mists are fine aerosols that are more easily on the makeup without damaging it.

14. Take into account seasonal considerations

Change products skin care according to the season. If you are living in a cold country, you should moisturise every few hours since the dryness of winter can wreak havoc on the skin. Apply moisturizer thoroughly and repeat every 3-4 hours. In summer, you can go for lighter creams that do not cause sweating. Protect your skin from seasonal clothing, such as hats, gloves, scarves, etc. Avoid touching your face with these and make sure you wash them occasionally. In winter, eating a good diet based oil rich in fish, nuts, olive oil, etc. In summer, eat more water-based foods like watermelons and cucumbers.

15. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water (8-10 glasses of it) is a must all year round.This will keep the skin hydrated from the inside out.

16. Take supplements

Take antioxidants and enzymes as part of your skin care regimen best skin in the 40s tea extracts and green tea help relieve redness, CoQ10 enzyme can fight wrinkles, and vitamin C can fight stains from the inside out. Also look for supplements with minerals such as selenium, copper, etc. These are essential for beautiful skin.

Use these 16 tips for skin care after 40 at home and maintain their youthful glow in the coming years.

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