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Simple Home Remedies to Treat Ear Drainage You Can Do on Your Own

Do you have ear drainage in which you can not hear the sound clearly as there is something wrong with your ears.
Usually, this ear drainage is obtained if you are swimming or bathing. So if you have this condition, there are actually several home remedies to treat ear drainage . What are the treatments? Find all she follows.
1. drop for DIY
The first resource that can be done is drop for DIY. It’s a drop for the very simple ear you can do for yourself.
The ingredients to prepare is 1 part white vinegar, 1 part rubbing alcohol and a sterilized dropper. Just mix of all alcohol and vinegar well before placing it in a sterile dropper. It can be used for two dropping 2 5 drops to her ear and just wait how it works.
2. Steam treatment
After that, there is another effective way for home remedies to treat ear drainage is doing steaming.
In this case, what you should do is that a towel is a warm bath is prepared. Then the head with a towel so that the liquid will flow into the ear covers. What you should consider is that when you feel dizzy with this treatment, just stop it.

Home Remedies to Treat Ear Drainage
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3. Gravity
Yes, the treatment of gravity can be a good option for you if you get ear drainage. The use of gravity will help a lot in curing this disease. What you have to do is you put on one side to make the flow of fluid out.

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4. Decongestant
In this case, maybe you can choose an OTC decongestant. How can we work it is simple. You just put a few drop decongestant ears. For a quick result, you need to set on one side.
5. Hairdryer
actually it is an innovative resource can try to drain the ear. Just switch the hairdryer and put one foot out of the ear. Make sure that you have changed to the lowest first position. This treatment helps a lot because the vapor hair dryer will force the fluid out.
6. Humidifier
The next thing you can do when you arrive ear drainage is to use a humidifier. How this trick can work is that using it when you are sleeping.
This is one of home remedies to treat ear drainage going to be very good in the winter because the air in this season it is dry and that will help the steam humidifier works well.
From the above explanation, there are six home remedies for treatment of ear drainage. All these remedies really good for you, and you just choose the best remedy for you or you look at what you have at home.
Upon treatment for ear drainage, in fact, you can get a better condition and you can get a normal ear again. So, try it out and see how home remedies work.

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