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Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Pimples

Pimples are not something you want visible on the face. However, they are a normal part of life and at some point or another, everyone gets that grain. If left untreated, the grain may disappear by itself or not too. However, as a general rule, no itching or scratching, since it will only lead to brands.


Pimples are caused by factors both internal and external, but if you want a solution that is made at home, then you can guarantee simple and effective treatments for it. These are some of the easy yet effective solutions to address blackheads and preventing them.

banana mask for pimples dry skin

Like excessive secretion of oil, even dryness can cause pimples. Therefore, to be combated using the same nutritional resources. Banana is an ingredient that nourishes the skin, without being overtly fat or oil and therefore works in the fight against pimples.


A ripe banana with a tablespoon of water to make a smooth paste. A spoonful of homemade butter or cream can be added as well.


Mix 1 teaspoon butter at room temperature with 1 teaspoon water and apply this mask on the face. Leave this at some time. Rinse with warm water. Try using a package of mashed banana on your face, neck and other areas prone to shin of your body. It helps in your skin radiant and makes magic for drying. Rinse with warm water after some time. Add a little turmeric tea this for its antibacterial properties.

Banana Mask For Dry Skin Pimples

oatmeal mask

This is another mask that also works as an exfoliant too. Basically oatmeal not only fights pimples but also cleanses deeply and therefore can be used for cleaning the skin from deep within the layers.

necessary ingredients

try a mix with baking soda, vanilla extracts, and oatmeal paste. Vanilla extracts help nourish the skin. This paste immediately soothes the skin.

How to make and use

Mix this in a bucket of warm water. You can relax in the water for as long as possible and let the magic continues. What happens here is that oat flour deep clean while baking soda helps heal faster shin. You can also make a paste of oatmeal with a little honey. Apply this on the affected areas.

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Oatmeal Mask

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a great natural conditioner for dry skin. This can be consumed in the form of ointment, nutritional supplement and can even be eaten raw.

necessary ingredients

will need some gel of fresh aloe, along with a tablespoon of honey, and citrus juices your choice as lime or even orange.


must be remembered that aloe vera can be applied directly on the skin or in combination with honey for oily skin or it can be a little citrus juice for oily skin. The combination works in the treatment of grains and also reduces the scars caused by the same. Simply rub with juice all over your face and wash.

Aloe Vera

Mask yogurt

This therapy is very useful in removing the daily affairs of the shin. Yogurt has natural ingredients such as probiotics, which fights and prevents pimples.

necessary ingredients

about 3 tablespoons of yogurt are required along with a few drops of lemon. You can also use citrus juices if no lime.


It has been found that a mixture of lime and yogurt is also effective for pimples, especially if you have very oily skin. Mix 3 tablespoons of yogurt with a few drops of lemon. Apply this paste on the pimple-prone area, if possible throughout the body. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Yogurt Mask

citrus juices

Because citrus juices are so natural, no voltage difficult ingredients that come into contact with the skin.

things that are needed

Citrus foods such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc. It helps keep the oil level of the skin.


Try to mix some three and four drops per ounce of citrus juice with any lotion or apply tonner. For this, preferably overnight. Wash your face thoroughly in the morning with antibacterial soap. You can also apply the juice of these fruits in the face, but remember to use fresh juice.

Citrus Juices

Clay Mask

Just choose a clay mask that is readily available or go fullers earth, found in homes that helps in drying pimples along with preventing greasiness.

Necessary ingredients

You can select from a variety of masks available in the market such as red or pink clay, based on your skin type. Choose a mask of red earth, pink Store or scrubbers.

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can also apply a mask that fits your oily skin. Ingredients such as aids in the absorption of clay the extra oil from the skin. Put this mask on for some time and see the instant glow that give skin.

Clay Mask

Oil Wheat Germ

oil wheat germ has an incredible quality improvement skin prone to excessive oil secretion.

necessary ingredients

To make this mask there are only a few drops of wheat germ oil, along with any vitamin E oil or lotion of your choice.

How to make and use

Massaging this oil all over your face, keep it there for a while and rinse with warm water. This oil is rich in vitamin E and helps prevent skin damage from pollution of the environment, which is one of the main causes of pimples.

Wheat Germ Oil

natural exfoliant for pimples

This mask uses some of the basic ingredients like rice or cornmeal dry pimples and help heal. cleaning products made from milk or dairy products are also effective in keeping the pores clean and maintain the level of skin oil.

necessary ingredients

A paste of rice powder, cornmeal and a little lemon juice also works wonders for oily skin. rice powder is a natural exfoliant agent and immensely helps in controlling excessive secretion of oil from the skin.


simply take on a teaspoon of milk along with equal amounts of corn or rice flour. Mix well and add a little lemon juice. Let dry, then rinse.

Natural Exfoliating Scrub For Pimples

Almond Scrub

almond is a natural ingredient that nourishes the skin but also deep cleans and it can be used without toasting.

necessary ingredients

Try using a facial scrub-2 tablespoon almond meal, 1 tablespoon lemon ring land and milk 4 table spoon. Rose petals or dried flowers such as chamomile can also be used.

How to apply

package Apply all over your face, let dry and rinse with water. For this mask, you can also add some rose petals or extract, along with a few drops of chamomile oil and a drop of geranium oil. The chemicals in these oils act with petals and function as a quality tonner her oily skin.

Almond Scrub

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