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SIGNS THAT THE BODY STARTS to “rot”: If you have a headache often, you have pimples and problems with nails then you urgently need to read this!


To maintain your health, your body needs all vitamins and minerals, but it is sometimes difficult because of the busy schedule that is not always possible to eat only healthy foods. If this may be the case, be sure not ignore your health.

  1. Problems with acne

This could be a sign of zinc deficiency. You can apply creams to solve, but why does not solve the cause of the problem? Eat more foods containing zinc, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and peanuts. The skin will be healthier and you will have a more beautiful complexion.

2. Headaches

Sometimes headaches can be caused by a lack of magnesium, and can be easily solved by eating a banana or the cabbage on a daily basis.

3. Muscle cramps

This can also cause magnesium deficiency. Try taking a bath in hot water with Epsom salts contain magnesium for your skin absorbs.

4. nails and dry hair Cracking

This is a sign that you lack vitamin B7. Eat more yeast, cheese and peanuts for your nails become healthier.

5. Hair loss

If you notice that your hair is falling too much during the combing is a sign that has a lack of iron. Eat more vegetables with dark green leaves and red meat.

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blisters 6.White

If you have blisters on your wrists and fingers, to indicate that you have a lack of essential fatty acids. They can be offset by the consumption of fish oil, seafood, fish and nuts.

7. The two main causes of acne

The two main causes of acne are bacteria and overactive sweat glands. When the immune system does not function normally, it can cause an increase in the work of the sweat glands, which leads to increased fat under the skin. Therefore, clogging of the pores, the skin can not breathe and resulting acne.

furfur skin 8.

If you notice your skin is often dry, itchy that, scaly or rough to the touch, it means you need hydration. Try using a rich moisturizer during the day and a cream for oily skin at night. Occasionally you can put nourishing mask for dry skin (once a week).

9. What is behind the fatigue?

Fatigue is an alarm that sends the psyche body. Because fatigue becomes irritable, depressed, have mood for any activity, which means that stress is the trigger. Forget the morning or even a day all laziness. Instead, walk run and avoid all day sitting.

hang out with people who share similar interests, which are not energy vampires but if increases energy and in whose company feels good about himself.

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10. Impaired vision

Impaired vision is often the result of many years of life, diet and bad habits. Industrial processed food, lack of exercise, always sitting in front of computers, etc. smoking affects eye health. Try to change your lifestyle and habits, and the problem can be solved.

11. Flatulence

Do you know when you feel twice as heavy, or if you have that discomfort in the stomach? It is likely to suffer from flatulence. Bloating usually cause indigestion, ie, slow digestion or food intolerances. Expel from your diet or reduce salt intake, fast food, carbonated beverages, pasta, rice.

It is preferable to eat cooked vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, chicken or turkey, eggs, beans in moderation, as well as yogurt and green tea. Avoid direct raw vegetables, alcohol, coffee and juices.

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