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Signs that Indicate Your Body is Too Acidic and How to Fix it Fast!

Having an acidic diet can lead to many health problems, the imbalances in the body and potential dangerous disease. Our bodies need to function at an optimal pH level to survive a strong and healthy way.

represents hydrogen potential pH. the concentration of hydrogen ions in body fluids is measured. The pH scale of 0 to 14. Body fluids with a high pH level are richer in oxygen and alkali. low pH levels are less oxygenated and more acidic. 7 is considered neutral pH

These are the levels of pH ideals of body fluids:

• pH 7.0-7.5 saliva =

• blood pH = 7.35-7.45

• pH urine = 4.6 to 8.0

When they are unbalanced, or too high, there are several health risks.

The problems caused by heartburn

Presented below are some of the problems that may be caused by a body that is too acidic.


If our bodies are too acidic can not get rid of waste. The kidneys, colon, skin and lymph being forced to work with the flow of toxins from excess acid and can not get rid of it. The acid then is sent to the fatty tissue in which it adheres to the fat cells.

Poor dental health

Our teeth and mouth feel the effect of an alkaline body.

If there is excess acid in the body, the body will try to alcalinizar together to prevent disease. This is done at the expense of our bones and teeth. The body removes calcium from the teeth, which although can temporarily cure some problems, makes new ones.

A poor diet, or rich foods and sweet drinks, exasperates the production of lactic acid in the mouth. This causes decay, the second dental problem of acidity.

And when our mouth the effects of acidity in the body feel, gums and teeth become more sensitive and painful especially when eating hot or cold drinks. This is the third dental problem.

And then, cavities and bleeding gums are common.

Weak bones

In the same way the body tries to protect himself, taking the calcium from the teeth, the body does exactly the same with the bones. When there is too much acid the body will try to maintain alkaline and bone calcium and minerals from organs and tissues to minimize and pull alkalizing acidity. calcium is one of those minerals. When the body uses reserves bone calcium, the bones become weak.

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This leads to osteoporosis or osteopenia and people can break or fracture bones easily. They should be cut coffee, soft drinks, beef and any acidic foods from your diet.

accumulation of mucus

His nostrils may be affected with a high alkaline content. Your body will produce mucus to remove acid build up. This additional mucus begin to affect your lungs and can cause coughing, wheezing, sinusitis, asthma, chest pains and breathing problems.

problems Acne Skin /

If the pH level in our body is wrong, the kidneys begin fighting toxins. The skin also acts as a body rinse, but if overwhelmed with toxins, can not. Dermatological manifestations appear – pimples, acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis. If there is too much acid in the blood then becomes susceptible to bacteria and toxins. The skin usually clean these out, but you can not do that when there is too much acid.


Our body needs fluids for daily and vital tasks, such as digestion, transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, protection and general lubrication of the body. If our fluids become too acidic, then the ability of our working fluids becomes less. Our body has to work harder, resulting in fatigue.


This goes with exhaustion, but if there is not enough calcium in your body, then strikes insomnia . Your body can not relax and settle imbalanced pH levels and high acidity will cause insomnia.

muscle and joint pain

Too much acid leads to tight muscles that means that the capillaries that carry blood and running through the muscles have to work harder. The body is deprived of oxygen. Vitamin and nutrients can not be absorbed by the blood. muscles work hard to run, additional chard, resulting in muscle pain. If you have muscle fatigue pain this is a very clear that your body is overloaded with acid signal.

How to reduce the acidity in your body

stay hydrated. A well hydrated body allows excess acid to move through your system. The digestive tract can eliminate waste and toxins.

Drinking hot lemon water. Lemon juice is only acid outside the human body. Once it is in the body’s metabolism suffers and works as an alkaline, increasing the pH levels in your body.

eat your greens. Green vegetables are rich in alkaline. cucumber, spinach, broccoli, chard, lettuce, celery and green asparagus are all good. Think of some of these vegetable juices. is why green juice is so healthy.

Cut acid products from your diet. This means reducing or have no caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, processed meats, junk foods and artificial sweeteners.

Add calcium and magnesium in their diets. Having these in the form of capsules or eating foods rich in them. They are good for bones and teeth. dark green leafy vegetables are good, as are seafood (salmon) nuts and grains.

Eat organic. Trying to cut all processed foods or genetically modified and only eat organic.

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