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Should you try a teatox to cleanse your body?


“Teatox, tea or detoxification, is carried out to eliminate all toxins from your body, and aims to help lose weight and have a brighter skin, “explains Dr. Rashi Chahal, head of dietary, paragraphs Hospitals, Gurgaon. “Also it helps reduce the visibility of cellulite. Teas are made from natural and organic ingredients such as cinnamon, fennel, rooibos, ginger, juniper berries, coriander, sage, turmeric, anise seed and burdock root. ”

Recommended teas are not milk, sugar and tea leaves usual concoctions but rather infusions of herbs and spices that are specifically required to meet certain conditions. So you can not board a teatox without the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist.

“We are now discovering the medicinal benefits of fresh tea from around the world,” says nutritionist Dhvani Shah of FIMS Clinic Diet, Mumbai. “For example, a cup of matcha tea Japan has the capacity of 137 cups of green tea that carries oxygen (or antioxidant)! Doctors and health professionals have begun to use these nutritional benefits of tea for therapeutic uses.”

How does it work?

“Drinking tea rich in flavonoids protect the heart, skin, brain and bones, helps manage stress and maintain body weight, and fends off cancer and diabetes type 2 “explains Dr. Preeti Jain, senior dietician, Hospital Cancer Action. detox teas also count toward the requirement of water per day, which is useful if you have trouble getting your eight glasses every day. Dr. Jain says. “It’s better hydration combined with antioxidants and polyphenols found in tea will help repair and replenish your skin Teatox helps clear toxins so that sleep is more restful and rejuvenating, leading to rest better, energy days “. Adds that this detox program works on two levels. In the morning, it acts as a stimulant and provides a constant supply of energy for the day. It also increases metabolism and helps with appetite suppression. At night, it cleans and detoxifies your body. It’s kind of colon cleansing that removes your digestive tract of toxins and excess other, which helps you lose weight.

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Dr. Chahal recommends a teatox to improve your overall health. These teas can help better absorb nutrients, its antioxidant content which strengthens immunity and protects against allergies and can improve the function of your liver, kidney and colon.

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