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Shocking:The Number of People Dying with Dementia More than Doubles in Past Decade

shocking: the number of people who die with dementia more than doubled in the last decade

The number of Britons dying with dementia has more than doubled in 13 years -. And many die in care homes against their will

One of every six deaths in 2014 had dementia in the certificate against one in 15 in 2001.

Victims are less likely to die at home than people with cancer, circulatory or respiratory diseases.

Two-thirds of adults want to see their days in a family environment and 21 percent age 65 and over do.

falling to eight percent of patients with dementia.

A report by Public Health England says the condition is “not usually identified as a terminal disease”, ie, patients have less access to end of life.

it highlights the lack of training of caregivers and community workers and says too many dementia patients are admitted to hospital unnecessarily.

dementia mortality rates vary across the country, who are more likely to die young in disadvantaged areas. This was attributed to differences in diagnosis and care.

However, the report notes people with dementia can pose a particular challenge because of its “complex needs” caused by a change in mental function, ability and behavior.

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Martina Kane, of the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Dementia is still overlooked as a terminal illness


“Consequently, we continue to see sustained failure to prepare and plan the end of life for people with the disease.

“Some are dying, where they had not expected, others are dying in pain or without dignity


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