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Shocking! Over 70% of Chickens in America Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic Poison

For years, the FDA has been swept under the rug this fact in the hope of that the truth will never come out in the open, but now FDA officials have finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the US it can be dangerous due to arsenic contains. For those who do not know, arsenic is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer.

Even more surprising is the fact that arsenic is added about feeding the chickens!

The irony is that the FDA has approved knowingly practice. The FDA itself has research showing how it ends arsenic in chicken meat through food. This has been going on for over 60 years, while countless times Americans have been eating meat carcinogen. No wonder there are so many cancer patients.

So far, the FDA and industry have denied this, but they were very interested in us telling stories by the way chicken meat is safe because the arsenic is discharged through feces of chicken. Thanks to the FDA investigation now roxarsone, one of the products of larger chicken feed, has been pulled from the shelves. The company that makes this chicken feed is arsenic-laden Alpharma LLC, a subsidiary of Pfizer, a company that produces childhood vaccines containing chemicals as well.

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However, despite this Alpharma has pulled chicken feed shelves in the US, the company does not intend to do the same in other countries. In order to do that, you have to be forced by regulators there.

Interestingly, even though the FDA has admitted that there is arsenic in chicken meat through its investigation and has admitted that arsenic can cause cancer still insists that the levels are very low .

After the information the roxarsone will be pulled from the shelves, the National Council of chicken has jumped on the bandwagon of the FDA stating that the levels of arsenic in chicken meat are safe by issuing a statement on the issue, despite admitting that arsenic can cause cancer.

The astonishing stupidity of the FDA continues to assert that the juice of the elderberry is dangerous, because it is not approved as a “drug” while claiming that meat is safe to eat chicken toxic. And why call the FDA juice Elderberry a “drug”? Because manufacturers advertised as a drink that can improve health and how the juice Elderberry magically turns a “drug” in the minds of FDA officials. Only FDA-approved drugs can be advertised as products that improve and support the health and juice Elderberry is not a drug such, so therefore it is a crime.

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This has not been the only case in which the FDA has gone after companies trying to sell products that are advertised as natural health promoters. So, now US citizens pay taxes to a government that says it is okay to eat toxic chemicals, but dangerous to consume juice elderberry or other raw products such as raw milk, nuts, etc. poison is good, products based on natural herbs are bad. It is obvious that the FDA is protecting the profits of some companies, probably because it is one of the most corrupt agencies in the US ..

Objective “Certified Organic” meat products. It is probably the safest choice for you and your family. Make sure the fat in chicken is white to yellow, not gray or paste the background. And finally, if the chicken is bright pink in color, like an artificial way, avoid at all costs.

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