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She Was Drinking Carrot Juice Every Morning For 8 Months, And Then The Unthinkable Happened !

When her cancer was in the third stage Ann Cameron She had an operation . She knew all about the disease, since her husband died of lung cancer, even after he underwent chemotherapy treatments.

After six months of surgery have passed Ann’s doctor told her that her cancer is now in stage four, and has spread to his lungs.


-. At this point, Ann decided to investigate the Internet for alternative treatment

-. She was especially impressed by the story of Ralph Cole, who cured his cancer skin with carrot juice

. – He made juice 2.5 kilograms of carrots every day and drank

– Ann started I drink carrot juice every day

-.. She drank evenly doses throughout the day

Surprisingly, after two months of cancer Ann left extended. Tumors in his lungs was reduced and swelling of the lymph glands in his lungs was reduced.

When two months have passed, Ann glands was completely normal and the size of the tumors continued to shrink.

After eight months since Ann began drinking carrot juice, computed tomography screening has not given any signs of cancer in the body of Ann.

Obviously, carrots contain high amounts of fatty alcohol and carotene. Carotene prevents creation of tumors, so the carrot juice has completely natural anticancer qualities.

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Ann managed to cure his colon cancer with an alternative therapy and told his experience in a blog where people share their stories of cancer.

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