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She Uses Listerine – See What Can be Done with it

Most people in the United States the use of mouthwashes to preserve their oral hygiene. But how can we be sure that this is an appropriate way to preserve our health?

Only in 2015, the Listerine brand made 340 million dollars, and if the product has been effectively controlled, which could even easily reach one billion dollars.

This mouthwash can protect against gingivitis and plaque. It contains thymol, eucalyptol, menthol and methyl salicylate. And although there is only used during the mouthwash, here are some other effects of this product.

Listerine – see what you can do with it


  • Use it to reduce foot odor. Soak your feet for 20 minutes in a mixture, a Listerine part, and two parts warm water.
  • Put some Listerine in a cotton ball and tilt your face with it in order to protect acne .
  • Gargle Listerine twice a day if you have a cough , which will disappear soon.
  • Listerine Soak the hair and put a limit on if you are having problems with lice. After time has passed, wash the hair with water. Then massage the scalp with white vinegar and again, put her hair in a shower cap. The stay for another hour. Then wash, but not only with water, but this time thoroughly shampooed al. At the end, use the lice comb to get rid of the dead lice .
  • Moreover, if the hair and scalp with a mixture of Listerine and warm water, you will have no dandruff further clarifies problems.
  • To prevent the smell of his armpits, apply a cotton ball in Listerine and insert it into the armpits.
  • The same can be done if you want get rid of blisters . Apply a cotton ball soaked in Listerine at the top of the ampule three times in one day to make it disappear.
  • Finally, to get rid of nail fungus , use the Listerine feet mixture soak have above every day for a month, and feet and nails will be perfect.
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