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She Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Knee at Night – See The Next Morning Result!


Cabbage is a leafy vegetable that has several benefits for the human body.

helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes one.

is also useful in the treatment of cuts and wounds, as well as in alleviating digestive disorders.

These are some uses of cabbage can try at home.


1. Cabbage is a remedy relief of pain

Col has been used to relieve pain and swelling.

a flavonoid compound found in it gives excellent anti-inflammatory properties are apigenin.

If you want to use the cabbage to treat minor pain you can try this at home compress recovery;

  • Get some cabbage leaves, wash and dry.
  • Then apply the clean and dry leaves to the point of pain.
  • maintain stable leaves with a plaster or bandage.
  • Keep this in place overnight.
  • Next, be sure to change the pad every day.
  • You can use any cabbage for the compress, however, red cabbage leaves have been know to be more potent.
2. Col reduce your risk of developing heart disease

High levels of polyphenols found in cabbage helps reduce blood pressure. Water-soluble pigmentation found in red cabbage – Anthocyanin is an anti-inflammatory active compound. To prevent cardiovascular problems you can use cabbage as follows;

  • preserve nutrients cabbage steam or not the same.
  • Replace the lettuce and cabbage in your favorite salads.
  • You can try to drink drink a cup of cabbage juice every day.
3. Digestive problems cabbage served by

If you have digestive problems after cabbage is good for you. It is probiotics helps your intestinal walls to absorb minerals and vitamins best.

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can take care of their digestive problems with cabbage as follows;

  • Reduce your constipation concerns eating raw cabbage.
  • Drink cabbage juice to relieve any stomach ulcers.
  • For diarrhea you can drink the juice of white cabbage or green cabbage, and also between meals.
4. Cabbage will help manage type 2 diabetes

It has been stated by the American Diabetes Association that cabbage has the ability to inhibit the body’s absorption of sugar, which is ideal for people living with type II diabetes or prone to develop diabetes. Col also has a high fiber content, which helps the body absorb excess glucose in it.

can control your diabetes with cabbage follows;

  • Eating cabbage at least three times a week as a side dish.
  • is recommended to drink cabbage juice twice a day.
  • You can boil cabbage, add lemon to it for added taste and consume.
5. Col help the healing of wounds

cabbage can use to treat wounds as follows;

  • Get green cabbage leaves, washed and dried.
  • Then you need to flatten the leaves with a rolling pin.
  • Chop the leaves to an appreciable size.
  • Using a microwave heated sheets for about 45 seconds.
  • Apply the leaves to the wound, which will have to change the sheets every two hours at first, then every five hours.
6. Col eliminate the accumulation of pus from ingrown toenails

You can also remove the pus from an ingrown using cabbage leaves.

  • Use to hold a large cabbage leaves instead bandage.
  • just leave the leaves on the affected spot overnight.
  • must change the sheets every day to the affected spot is completely cured.

Col can be used to treat various conditions to try it today and be the better for it.

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