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She Let Her Friend Kiss Her Baby, Days Later She Found Out A Mom’s Worst Nightmare

While spending some time with his friend, a young mother was delighted that the person had so much fun with the baby. They were playing with the child and even give the boy kisses.


But after the meeting, Amy Stinton, they noticed that the 14-month-old started developing a disturbing rash. She took him to the doctor thinking it was just chicken pox. However, later it became known that her child had contracted a nasty disease that will never be able to fully recover from.

And it all happened because he let his friend kiss her baby …
When his friends kissing baby Oliver, Amy did not think twice about it . She was happy that the child was receiving the love of many adults as she knew that this would help to grow in a healthy adult.

But his whole world was turned upside down when one snogging session, let this baby UK with a terrible problem plaguing him for the rest of his life.

After hearing the tragic news of his doctor, Amy social networks to warn other parents came on.

red rash Oliver became blows then swelled into painful sores. After taking him to the doctor, the diagnosis came back as herpes.

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With this tragic news, Amy remember that one of the people kissing her baby had a cold sore on your mouth. With a simple kiss, transmitting a disease adult baby will suffer for life.

To make matters worse, if Amy had not rushed him to the doctor when he did, he would have ended up in the ICU or even have died.

The child does not suffer from episodes of herpes and will have to deal with this embarrassing disease for the rest of your life.

Young mother shared the tragic picture of Oliver on September 14 with the simple caption:

“This is what happens when two babies in contact with coldsore. Oliver now has the herpes virus and this will have for life. Think before kissing a baby next time.”

Because sharing the news with your friends, thousands of people have republished the image to spread the message of warning to other parents.

Hundreds of people have commented that includes:

“Oh, poor, poor little darling. I hope there’s something that can help you”

“Omg bless you, Def needs to be highlighted the seriousness of kissing with coldsores”

“Oh, my God, that’s horrible. … I do not think people realize how dangerous it is herpes !!”

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Although Amy must have been angry with the person who infect Oliver for life, she was able to forgive the offender. It was an accident, after all. However, it is now known that not kiss someone, especially a baby, when you have a cold sore. You can inadvertently pass on herpes.

Next time you come into contact with a baby, make sure your mouth and lips are clear of cold sores before going in for a kiss.

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