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She Drank Water With Honey And Lemon Every Morning For a Year.What Happened to Her is Extraordinary

who drank water with honey and lemon every morning for a year. Crystal Davis tells the story of his incredible story of transformation.


One year I was severely suffering from the flu. Drugs pharmacies were not particularly effective.

A woman advised me to drink warm water with honey and lemon every morning. Of course, I reacted with skepticism in its recommendation, but still tried.

Influenza happened and started to enjoy the drink.

I started drinking every day. This tradition lasted a year.

During this time my body became a totally unexpected way.

Here are the changes:

From a year ago not caught a cold. And I had no pain in the stomach.

should be noted that I have never believed in the power of folk medicine. I was a slave to the pharmacy.

If I had stomach pain – I took pills. If chronic fatigue worried me – I took vitamin pills, etc. I hope you understand me


During a year that even sneezed once. My headaches are gone. Now I have honey and lemon wherever you go. Even drink this drink in hotels.

no longer drink coffee in the morning. And it’s very easy for me awake.

My cocktail of lemon and honey rescued me from dependence on coffee. And along with it, I lost my headaches.

Now I have much more energy during the day. I can easily get some sleep, and I’m smiling.

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Previously, it took me almost an hour to be fully awake, but now I’m not nervous and I have no conflict with my close ones.

Overall I forgot the last time I felt the tension in the first part of the day.

People around me were healthier. And this is the greatest reward for me.

I convinced my whole family to follow my example. Therefore, my family and I did not catch a cold winter or other problems last year.

I do not know how this magic drink it works, but it works! I am very grateful to this woman for advice.

My recipe

Generally, for a glass of this drink squeeze half a lemon and add a teaspoon of honey. I put up with little boiled water. I use every morning after rising.

must say that the taste of the beverage can transform all depends on honey and lemon, eaten


Sometimes it is acidic, and often is also nice. But that’s trivial.

How does it work?

I browsed clinical sites to find out what the problem was. And I also discovered a couple of crucial factors.

This drink protects you from infections of the urinary tract.

lemon and honey promote digestion tract, and hydrate the colon. As a result you will definitely acquire an excellent remedy against irregular bowel movements and cystitis.

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This drink is diuretic, and doctors say that is fully capable of protecting the problems associated with the urinary system.

digestion of food is improved.

Each part of this drink helps your digestive system. Lemon helps the gallbladder to generate even more bile. So the food is processed better, and get even more nutrients from it.

Honey has effective antibacterial properties, and therefore is an excellent protection against infection.

also it causes the stomach to produce more juice, which allows the body more reliable in removing toxins. For the same factor, it is less complicated to regulate their weight.

you are urged to radiate health and attractiveness.

Lemon gives many benefits for the skin. Similarly, it helps clean the blood. If “feeds” the microorganism with lemon, it will create new blood cells quickly.

Water promotes collagen production, which is very advantageous for the skin.

Essentially, I strongly advise it. Beside that, this drink is tasty. You must try it.

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