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Selfie crazy people don’t make good partners

Good news for anyone who trembled with rage at the friend who constantly publishes autofotos of his life seemingly perfect online :. The biggest offenders could be damaging their romantic relationships

Researchers in the US They are working to understand how autofotos affect our perception of self, and the quality of our romantic relationships.

The team behind an initial study entitled Person Ideal online vs jealousy effect found that the most autofotos A couple take, is most likely going to see their relationship as a “lower quality” .

He pinned it to jealousy arising from comments about the images, and the creation of an “ideal person online” which was different from real life.

Their findings follow a previous study by the same team of Boston University that found that those who were most narcissistic takes more autofotos, but the pictures also boosted feelings of self-importance.

to these findings, researchers at Boston University and the Catholic University of Chile surveyed 314 people aged between 18 and 65 years of age, and again a year later.


he asked respondents to rate on a scale questions one to five, including “I like being the center of attention”, “I will never be satisfied until I get everything they deserve,” and “I like looking at me in the mirror, “according to the magazine Pacific. The researchers also asked participants how often they took and shared photos of themselves on social networks.

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Courtesy: The Independent

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