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See What Happens inside Your Body When You Eat Pork, and Learn Why You Should Avoid it


Pigs are animals that consume the most disgusting things imaginable, as spoiled food, the feces and urine. The worst is that they consume toxins can not be removed from their bodies, so actually accumulate in their organs and fat.

Yersinia enterocolitica represents a dangerous contaminant that may be present in the body of the pig. Causes diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, fever and malaise. Ractopamine is another organism found in the animal’s body, which can even cause death.Loss appetite and pollution issue can be caused by Taenia solium – is in pig intestines. Fever, myalgia, malaise and edema can also be caused by parasitic nematode Trichinella. Chills, sweating and migraine are usually caused by infection Menangle. Nausea and fatigue often is caused by irritation of hepatitis E.

Intestinal parasites in pigs should be destroyedin order to avoid all these health problems. When cooking pork at high temperatures can destroy them. Products that can be eaten raw, do not put up with raw pork. After hitting a raw pork, do not forget to wash your hands and buying pork, make sure that no medicines, antitoxins, ractopamine and chemicals in it.However, doubt about this meat that still exists even when the pork is cooked properly because these animals consume many substandard food. You can increase the risk of many diseases by eating pork. In the production of pork, factory pigs are those generally used.But many industrial farms do not provide clean air for pigs, sufficient sunlight and clean pasture. They give drugs and anti-infectives pigs as food instead of green grass, making them grow and grow faster.

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Most pig farms are surrounded by their vomit, feces and urine. They actually develop pneumonia before being slaughtered because their feces and urine contain ammonia. Pigs also various skin problems due to unhealthy environment.

The consumption of pork can cause many side effects. All these are just a few conditions. If you really want to buy pork, research on the origin.

Source: Health and Love Page

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