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See This Tiny Spot On Your Ear? See What Happens When You Do THIS…

The ears are precious and fun. Unfortunately, if I Imbalance your audience, your world upside down, you may feel sick and dizzy. You can see terrible things happen to your health if the ear in the right place touched.

potential health Foster is in a small point in the ear

The gateway to excellent health and vitality could be your ear. A very small extent (area) of your ear could be especially important point that can lead to ideal health, in the future, according to many Acupressure studies.You can easily find these points and get great health and wellness.

Shen Men point is the name of this point. It is in the soft spot on the top of the ear. You can easily find the area if the thumb moves in the hollow soft and feel the upper edge of the ear.You can stimulate both place by applying light pressure with your fingers when lying in bed or sitting in a chair .

If you meditate, it works perfectly

If you approach it in the same way as this powerful meditation exercise works best, according to many experts. Establish, apply pressure in the ears and breathe deeply. You will immediately feel relaxed.

-Breathe deeply and rotate the fingers


Using fingers, gently massage the ear tips. positive effect on their welfare, fight and addiction, inflammation, pain and revive energy to your body like never before!

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